For Zinov, The Cyno is Now Lit o7

  • I'm so sorry to bring the news about Zinov, a fellow Signaleer of ours who's passed away. Even though I didn't know the details, I knew he was battling for his life, and I'm heartbroken of the outcome. I wished I had known him better; he was a great example of what it means to fly under our Credo, he loved the game, and our corp. He would have gladly done anything, we only had to ask.

    Below is the letter I received from his partner in real life which includes a note from Zinov himself. We will have a Cnyo vigil for our fellow Signaleer, details below. Please take a moment of quiet reflection, hold your friends close, and those you love even closer. o7

    @Aldar-Roanaok provided some wonderful statistics; A great testament of who he was and his love for what we do. I think they show that the efforts of a single Signaleer can and do go a long way to helping others in New Eden and our community.

    Over his time with us he managed to:

    1. Become the 14th most prolific Signal Cartel pilot tending and sowing rescue caches (3664) in EVE's wormhole space
    2. Be recognized multiple times for their willingness to help and teach others,
    3. Play a key role in rescuing pilots lost in EVE's wormhole space fifty (50) or more times
    4. Be recognized for their work assisting in mapping Thera (a sort of Grand Central Station) for the benefit of others

    Katia o7

    Hi there,

    You don't know me, although I'm a gamer I never played eve and created this account just to contact you both. My partner, Zinov, asked me to send this message to Signal Cartel.

    Unfortunately, my partner, known to you as Zinov, passed away on the 11th October 2022 aged 48 after a long fight. He found talking about his condition difficult and so I doubt he made much of an explanation when he left you all, but he did ask me to pass on this message.

    "Thank you all for the wonderful time I spent as part of Signal Cartel. I'm sorry I could not spend longer with you all, but such is life.

    Late in 2021 I was diagnosed with Kidney cancer and unfortunately, by the time it had been diagnosed, it had metastasized to other organs and was untreatable.

    It is a truely great service you all provide to New Eden, I was honoured to be a part of that and particularly proud of the time I spent as a 911 Operator that gave me the chance to help so many other players in New Eden.

    Signal Cartel is a unique community within Eve and you should all be proud to call yourselves Signaleers. Although my time within the alliance was short it was by far the most enjoyable part of my long career within New Eden and for that I thank all of you.

    I hope this goes some way to explaining my sudden departure from Signal Cartel, I thank you for the friendship shown to me and wish you all safe travels both in New Eden and real life."


    I'd also like to add my thanks for the friendship Zinov got while he was a member of your alliance, it meant so much to him. He fought his condition for a long time, much longer than expected, but eventually it got the better of him. At his request he was cremated with a few things that meant alot to him, one of these things was his Signal Cartel patch.

    Regards, Zinov's partner

    Signal Cartel will be holding a Cyno Vigil this Sunday, details below. The greater New Eden community is welcome to join the Signal Cartel fleet departing from Zoohen or can meet up with us later in Assez for the Cyno vigil.

    Date: Sunday, November 6th
    Time: 1800 EvE Time
    Depart: Zoohen III - Theology Council Tribunal

    1st stop: Molea II, Moon 1, Fallen Capsuleer Memorial
    Can placement ceremony, hugs fleet (fireworks)

    2nd stop: Assez X - Moon 1 - Amarr Civil Service Bureau Offices
    Cyno Vigil for as long as we wish

    Youtube Video

  • o7 @Zinov. Rest well.

  • o7 @Zinov . I have great sadness reading your story. To me that is a sign you were a wonderful person.
    I hope you find peace finally.

  • Fly safe amongst the stars. o7

  • @Zinov See you in Valhalla one day o7


  • This is genuinely sad news, Zinov was an all round good egg. I'll be there on the 6th.

  • Rest In Peace Zinov o7

  • Absolutely gutted when I read this. I missed the conversations that we used to have during his breaks from the game. As Katia pointed out he was a generous soul, who showed the best of what Signal Cartel is about, he even showed that on the public stage, some of you may not be aware that he also streamed on Twitch. Fly Fun buddy! @Zinov o7

  • Gosh so sad, I hope the pain was as brief as possible. A great guy, set an excellent example to follow. Thanks to his partner for communicating, I could tell by his goodbye post on the forum here he was sad to go but I couldn't figure out why. @Zinov is onwards and upwards, rest in peace.

  • Guys just a bump for the fleet, but also try to be a little bit early so that the fleet isn't delayed.

  • US based members, remember that we are now 5 hours difference from Eve time!

    Date: Sunday, November 6th
    Time: 1800 EvE Time
    Depart: Zoohen III - Theology Council Tribunal

  • oo7 Rest easy friend

  • Fly in peace Zinov

  • Snapshots of today's memorial fleet for Zinov

    alt text
    En route to Molea

    alt text
    En route to Molea

    alt text
    Fleet arrival at Molea monument

    alt text
    Lighting up the monument

    alt text
    Assez arrival

    alt text
    Cynos up in Assez

    alt text
    Assez cyno vigil

    alt text
    Beautiful displays in Assez, 6 Nov 2022, Zinov R.I.P.

  • So sad to hear. Sorry to miss the memorial fleet but my heart was there. Best wishes to his partner, friends, and family. And those of us in SC will miss him.

  • @Lexington-Braddock Thanks, great captures!

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