Reflections of a painful day

  • @Darrenius-Enaka Time limitations is normal, loosing stuff in EVE is even more normal. But most of all - feeling feels is absolutely normal (acting on them is another topic 🐼 ).

  • @Thrice-Hapus Thanks - I've just been watching a Youtube video on Tripwire and will definitely try my hand at helping to map Thera and do my bit for the corp. I absolutely get what you are saying about the long game and making your own story along the way. Add me up in game 🙂

  • @Este-DeStirr Oh my God....the terrible TV shows I've managed to avoid by "playing that stupid warp drive active game" 🙂

  • @Thrice-Hapus Just read your story - beautifully put and I genuinely felt your pain. Well written, Sir! See you out in space 🙂

  • Good job getting back up again! When I came back to EVE a couple of months ago I got a few harsh lessons (like don't haul 200m in cargo in an Iteron) and taught my kids new exciting words at the same time*. I typically shut the game down at that point, take a break, come back and get going again.

    I'm also getting very curious at the demographic breakdown of Signal Cartel. There seem to be a lot of middle aged parents around. 🙂

    *Not true, my kids already know all the words they're not allowed to say in front of their grandparents.

  • @Darrenius-Enaka Good for you in knowing what you learned from the harrowing events you described, and seeing your planned changes in playstyle.

    I'm glad you wailed your teeth in alliance chat and not in local.

    I, in a similar bout of angry introspection, made some changes to my overview that really worked out for me. Specifically I highlighted ALL ships in red so that they really stand out on the overview and I can readily see them when hacking cans. This made for some initial shocks outside of WH space but I got over the sight of a mass of red near Amarr or other hubs. In short I treat every ship as a likely hostile.

    I also diagnosed and fixed some of my own out of game issues, for example, running a boatload of sites in a WH and then being killed when really mentally tired and being too tired to reply quickly while running the last site.

    This is going to sound harsh probably but being killed is only tragic when we don't learn from the experience. The other times are good learning opportunities, while frustrating.

    See you around space.

    [Addendum: also a mid-40s father with two teens, one of whom will start driving next year. That's a scarier thought than any possible WH experience 🙂 ]

  • @Igaze maybe I should setup a little doodle askign for peoples ages and see if others are as curious as the two of us and want to participate in this?

  • Sounds good. We could start a midweek 'Dad's on tour oam' to a WH!

  • @Darrenius-Enaka How I love your OP and the conclusions you came to. EVE can either be extremely frustrating (if you only measure kills or ISK success) or extremely rewarding (particularly if your mindset permits you to see value in the doing, rather than just the achieving). Sounds like your meditations were worthwhile in helping you figure out a good balance!

    One thing I love about this corp and our wonderful people is the support and hugs I see in Alliance (and sometimes material assistance) when someone has a painful loss. Just knowing others can sympathize because of similar experiences helps take the sting out of things sometimes.

    @Vox-Populii When my daughter (soon to be 32) left in "her" car to drive to school the first time on her own, I seriously thought I might projectile vomit as I stood there on the deck watching her drive away! But...ya gotta let 'em go sooner or later or they'll never grow up and leave home. 😀

  • @Darrenius-Enaka I would totally be in!
    What are we talking here, after the kids bedtime but before ours? That should give us a healthy 15 minutes! hehe

  • @Darrenius-Enaka I'd be game. Good incentive for me to get voice coms set up and working.

  • @Darrenius-Enaka said in Reflections of a painful day:
    "warp drive active game"

    Hilarious. Is that what the kids/wife call it?

  • @A-Dead-Parrot actually the good lady tends to call it "warped mind active"!

    In terms of a roam, it depends what time zone we are all on. I am GMT and 20:00 to 2200 tends to work for me. I will start a separate thread to see who is interested.....

  • @A-Dead-Parrot Another reason why I always (well mostly) play with sound off.

  • @Vox-Populii some sounds are useful, such as a wormhole splash. There is a fair bit of fine tuning in the sound options for the more annoying sounds.

  • @Dave-Ordo You mean that when someone enters a WH others can hear it? Or just the player themself? WH sounds to me are just generally creepy and blood-pressure raising.

    The "you're being targeted" sound is useful all right.

  • @Vox-Populii
    Yes, so long as you are zoomed in close enough to the wormhole, you can hear the entrance, as well as see it.

    There will come a day when you jump through, only to find other capsuleers on the other side of the hole. Then within a few seconds an interdictor bubble will spring up. This is because they know someone just came through (from the sound and visual) and they want to catch them.

    Same thing happens at a gate. It's just that the sound and visual are different.

  • @Lucas-Ballard It was that sound that gave me away when entering a wormhole tooThera.. I hate those bubbles ^^

  • @Lektro-Illuminate
    There is only one solution: Interceptors!

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