Hey guys!

  • What's up everyone? The names Keyser Cagliostro or Key for short. I'm really awful at talking about myself but the main things you need to know about me are simple. I LOVE the astero, and I love getting lost in every game I play. I am really excited to finally get a chance to play and explore with all of you. I am looking forward to whatever adventures await me!

  • Whoops forgot to login before I posted.... FAIL

  • @Keyser-Cagliostro THERE HE IS!


  • Welcome to the Signal Cartel family! :smiley_cat:

  • An anagram for Astero is Roaster.

    Here's hoping you don't meet a fiery demise!

    Edit: Aw hell, spelling for the lose.

    Well it sounded good.1

  • @Gunshot-Wound I believe you have an extra R in there. :)

  • Welcome!

  • welcome m8:video_game:

  • @Gunshot-Wound Here's an anagram that DOES work. hehe

  • @A-Dead-Parrot said in Hey guys!:

    @Gunshot-Wound Here's an anagram that DOES work. hehe

    That is all kinds of awesome.

  • @Gunshot-Wound So, you know, I had to look it up. :-)

  • @Thrice-Hapus Cool site

    So I looked up my name of course and got: Doughnuts Own

    Well that's about right.

  • Best Astero anagrams: "to Ares", "O tears". You can't spell Astero without tears.

    Thanks for nerdsniping me. I spent the morning rewriting an old anagram solver I'd written in Nickle into Rust because the website was too busy and my old solver was too slow.

  • @Gunshot-Wound said in Hey guys!:

    @Thrice-Hapus Cool site

    So I looked up my name of course and got: Doughnuts Own

    Well that's about right.

    :D I looked up my name and got "Fleas Squealing" and "Alga Elf Sequins."

  • @Angel-Lafisques Thrice Hapus = Hirsute Chap :-)

  • @Thrice-Hapus A Dead Parrot = Data Read Pro or...
    Adapted Roar! (apropos for Signal Cartel)

  • The best I can do is "Cancan peril kit".

  • @Captain-Crinkle "inane click trap" isn't bad. "clinic partaken"? "talk nicer panic"? "real picnic tank"? "accept link rain"? "pick arcane lint"? The fact that "pancreatic link" works is amazing, although it's not an interesting anagram otherwise. If you identify as Latin, "epic Latin crank" is pretty good. "anal tick pincer" is terrible. "tickle panic ran" tells a nice story. "tackier clan pin"? "innate par click"? "trick canine pal" is pretty neat. "clinic nap taker"? "Plain Racket Inc"? "crack in lit pane" is kind of poetic. "practical in ken" ("ken" is an old word for "knowing")?

    Oh, tired of looking. I think go with "a nicer tick plan" and call it a day. That's a pretty good description of what we do here at SC.

    Now let's try Po Huit. LOL. Six letters, three vowels, no 'e' or even 'a'. "I, uh, top". "[pout]: hi". "Ho it up!"...no. Just no. I guess I'll just go with "hip out". Yeah, that's the ticket.

    Nerdsniped again. Another hour to speed up my anagram solver, and another hour looking at anagrams.

    Hip out!

  • Toast Gravyboat = Bravo, tasty goat!

    Maybe people blap me because they think I'm a tasty goat.

  • @Captain-Crinkle: A Clan Nitpicker (you do seem to find all the Allison bugs) Inapt Ilk Cancer also fits (meaning the anagram, not the personality :))

    @Toast-Gravyboat To add to the list of questionable food, Gotta Savory Bat also works


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