Saying hi :)

  • Hey pals. Already met some of you on Alliance chat last night and you were all lovely. Relatively new capsuleer here and it's amazing to have access to a knowledge base of so many helpful people to smooth out the new player experience. Nullsec exploration is so much more fun when the only stakes is your loot. Access to the T1 fits has really been a help for an exploration newbie :)

    See you in New Eden !


    (oops, I didn't post this the Hello and Farewell forum :/ sorry mods!)

  • Hey Jessica, welcome to the family! 😊

  • Welcome to the Signal Cartel family! :smiley_cat:

  • EBlF2Mu.png

  • Hi there and welcome to the best corporation in the game !!! :wave:

  • hiya and welcome to Signal Cartel ! :wink:

  • Hello and welcome, fellow Signaleer!


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