Hey! I'm New Here, So I'm Posting About Myself.

  • Hey, I'm Stellar Spark Musana. Everyone just calls me Stellar for short. In this post, I'm just gonna describe myself and my experience with EVE so far, so that you guys can learn a bit about me.

    So who am I?

    I'm 18, probably among the youngest players of EVE. I started playing this game when I was 17, and loved it, but I also hated it (still do). But I think everyone feels this way about EVE in one way or another.

    I originally began with a Gallente character, since the faction aligned with my beliefs in freedom and democracy. I soon left her behind (Spectrum Flash Cellius) and later biomassed her, mainly because the designs for Gallente ships disgust me generally.

    I tried all the factions, but I later stuck with Minmitar for their Mad Max feel for their ships, and the fact they come off as a rebellion against the Amarr empire. (Hint: I like the rebels from Star Wars for a reason.)

    My current favorite ships is the Stabber and Vagabond.

    So beyond this, how was my experience so far?

    I've been playing for around a year, and from the time of this post I've been in Silent Cartel for a day. I'm almost exclusively a PvE player, the only times being otherwise when I go into null-sec or wormspace to ninja-mine or salvage under the noses of other players (if you'd call that PvP.) I'm still learning, and I love that!

    About me personally:

    I love rock, metal, deathcore, and almost any kind of electric music. I hate just about any other kind of popular music like rap and Pop. (Rap is acceptable if used in Meme format though.)

    Just like how I am in New Eden, I'm just a youngster looking to find his way in this cruel world. I was hardly successful in school since I was more of a trade/apprenticeship type of guy. Many regard me as smart, but I'm really no better than most. I just know about different things.

    I would also consider myself a philosopher, and my main topic is afterlife. While I'm atheist, I do believe something is out there for everyone. You just gotta find it! 😃

    Why am I in Silent Cartel?

    I want to help people. This corp is a kind of counter culture to EVE being a game full of scammers and griefers. I want to be part of the peaceful protest against elitism and discomfort. I want to be a hero that makes someone else's day just that much better.

    Anyway, that's it for my long-winded hello post! See you guys in space!

  • pssst....Signal Cartel...Siiiignaaaalll

    welcome aboard!

  • @Salrana-Nuari Thanks. :3

  • Welcome welcome! Great initial post, thanks for all the detail.

  • Welcome to the family!

  • I kept calling it the Signa Cartel at first. vOv

    Welcome new friend.

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel!!! 👋

  • 5VCkCkC.png

    PS - Not the youngest... I am unsure what the minimum age limit is so I will not tell you how old my son is, but he plays and is younger than you.

    You are unique though. The medium age of the Eve Online player averages out to about 35. so they are a much older group of player than you normally find in an MMO.



    Addendum: Found it in the TOS: "inappropriate for use by children under the age of thirteen"... though they do say minor children can with consent of an adult.


    C. Children

    (1) Responsibility for Account

    Minor children may not establish an Account without the consent of a parent or guardian. If the user of EVE is a minor, a parent or guardian must complete the registration process to establish an Account, in which case the parent or guardian takes full responsibility for all obligations under the EULA and for all activities of the child using the Account. If you are a parent or guardian, you may permit one child to use an Account instead of you (in which case you may not use that Account).

    If you establish an Account, you represent that you are an adult and are either accepting the EULA on behalf of yourself or on behalf of your child, in which latter case you agree to the EULA with regard to your child and represent that you are also personally bound by the EULA.

    (2) Game Rating

    EVE has a "TEEN" rating. Parents may find it inappropriate for use by children under the age of thirteen (13).

  • @System-Baud Thanks for the warm welcomes guys! ❤

  • Hiya and welcome to Signal Cartel ! 🎉😉🎉☕🍕🚀

  • @Stellar-Spark-Musana Welcome to the Cartel! You sound like a good fit for here. Do check out the various threads on the Credo, they should appeal to the philosopher in you. Mynxee and Johnny created something special with the Credo that provokes a lot of interesting discussion.

  • @Igaze Sure thing!

  • Hello and welcome, fellow Signaleer!

  • Signature quote from DAI? You're OK in my book. 🙂

    Welcome to Signal Cartel! Be sure to check out the Rescue programs when you have a chance. Step 1: Be sure to start flying with Allison right away! 👍

  • Welcome to Signal 🙂 Fantastic intro and I look forward to perhaps seeing you in Alliance chat upon my return to New Eden from this mysterious wormhole known as EVE Vegas.

  • I think we get our sunglasses at the same place. And probably use the same hairstylist. 😛

  • Welcome Stellar just say your post! Looking forward to seeing you in game! What is your favorite exploration ship?

  • Welcome to the Signal Cartel family! 😺

  • @Stellar-Spark-Musana You like the Vagabond? It was my favorite ship of choice with my other toon.

    We may have much to discuss....


  • welcome to my cruel world, where the jokes come fast and pockets are deep

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