Hey! I'm New Here, So I'm Posting About Myself.

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    PS - Not the youngest... I am unsure what the minimum age limit is so I will not tell you how old my son is, but he plays and is younger than you.

    You are unique though. The medium age of the Eve Online player averages out to about 35. so they are a much older group of player than you normally find in an MMO.



    Addendum: Found it in the TOS: "inappropriate for use by children under the age of thirteen"... though they do say minor children can with consent of an adult.


    C. Children

    (1) Responsibility for Account

    Minor children may not establish an Account without the consent of a parent or guardian. If the user of EVE is a minor, a parent or guardian must complete the registration process to establish an Account, in which case the parent or guardian takes full responsibility for all obligations under the EULA and for all activities of the child using the Account. If you are a parent or guardian, you may permit one child to use an Account instead of you (in which case you may not use that Account).

    If you establish an Account, you represent that you are an adult and are either accepting the EULA on behalf of yourself or on behalf of your child, in which latter case you agree to the EULA with regard to your child and represent that you are also personally bound by the EULA.

    (2) Game Rating

    EVE has a "TEEN" rating. Parents may find it inappropriate for use by children under the age of thirteen (13).

  • @System-Baud Thanks for the warm welcomes guys! ❤

  • Hiya and welcome to Signal Cartel ! 🎉😉🎉☕🍕🚀

  • @Stellar-Spark-Musana Welcome to the Cartel! You sound like a good fit for here. Do check out the various threads on the Credo, they should appeal to the philosopher in you. Mynxee and Johnny created something special with the Credo that provokes a lot of interesting discussion.

  • @Igaze Sure thing!

  • Hello and welcome, fellow Signaleer!

  • Signature quote from DAI? You're OK in my book. 🙂

    Welcome to Signal Cartel! Be sure to check out the Rescue programs when you have a chance. Step 1: Be sure to start flying with Allison right away! 👍

  • Welcome to Signal 🙂 Fantastic intro and I look forward to perhaps seeing you in Alliance chat upon my return to New Eden from this mysterious wormhole known as EVE Vegas.

  • I think we get our sunglasses at the same place. And probably use the same hairstylist. 😛

  • Welcome Stellar just say your post! Looking forward to seeing you in game! What is your favorite exploration ship?

  • Welcome to the Signal Cartel family! 😺

  • @Stellar-Spark-Musana You like the Vagabond? It was my favorite ship of choice with my other toon.

    We may have much to discuss....


  • welcome to my cruel world, where the jokes come fast and pockets are deep

  • welcome! embrace the side when you hate eve, it highlightens the loving side...

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