Announcing Signal Cartel's Little Helper beta release

  • Yes, it's a very good idea. I had a similar idea for wormholes... you put in a wormhole ID and it rates it based on the kill activity. I.e., a wormhole where people are dying daily, hourly, etc is a dangerous place to be.

    I used your tool today and the results were very interesting. But when I drilled down into one, I'm not sure. For instance, the system gave this guy a danger level of 85:

    Yet he's only killed 2 ships in the past 3 years. Maybe the scoring system should take into consideration what the person has been doing recently?

    Either way, good work! Keep it going.

  • @Perneth-Ituin The danger score is retrieved from zKillboard, I don't calculate it. If you click on the plus sign next to someones name, there is more detail, like how many kills in the last week.

  • wonderful, thank you for all your efforts!

  • Is it browser based? Or is it like PLH where I need to download software?

  • @Perneth-Ituin It shows me that guy has tons of kills. 107b destroyed, and only 13b lost.... 85 seems conservative for that guy...

  • @Snyypa-Voltron Browser based.

  • @Portia-Tignana I was wondering how your tool is going to be affected by the upcoming switch on May 8 from API to ESI?

  • I just saw this for the first time... awesome! And it seems to be working fine, so I guess the ESI switch was no problem. :)

  • Bumping this for visibility of a very awesome little tool!

  • I use it often, and it's really effective. I particularly like the "group by corporation" feature, as it's a quick way of spotting possible gangs etc.


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