Data/Relic Site Difficulty

  • Greetings!

    Found this list yesterday, deep in nullsec, and thought I'd share. Hope this helps tackle the right cans before those pesky peg-legs come in and gank ya!

    p.s. please still finish all of your cans, even the vegetables. :)

    Fly safe! o7

    Difficulty  Color       Data         Relic 
    Very Easy   Green     Com Tower      Debris
    Easy        Green     Info shard     Rubble
    Medium      Yellow    Mainframe     Remains
    Hard        Red       Databank        Ruins

  • HA, I knew the Ruins were the most difficult hack! I thought it was a tendency, but now it's confirmed to be true. Thanks for sharing this!

    PS: However, I'm still not sure you should leave the less difficult cans without hacking. Maybe in wormholes, but if you're in empty nullsec I see no reason not to hack them. Sometimes Rubble can contain even more than Remains.

  • This is a nice little table. Thank you for posting.

    And I agree with you: "SAY NOT TO CHERRY PICKING" cans! Eat all your mealsite and finish the veggies as well. It's good for you! :)

  • A difficult hack does not mean good loot. When I first started this game, I could reliably count on the Ruins can for the best loot. Not so much anymore. Now I pack a cargo scanner. Heck, I even had 2 Crystal Quarries in a row turn out to be dude duds, worth less than 20mil!
    And you bet i cherry pick in J-space. When youve got 50+mil in cargo, why risk it for a 1mil can?
    90% of the sites I watched, despawned well within 20 minutes.

  • @Scarsan-Stripes so they despawn by themselves? it's not someone else coming along and finishing off the site?

  • @Rael-Yaken said in Data/Relic Site Difficulty:

    @Scarsan-Stripes so they despawn by themselves? it's not someone else coming along and finishing off the site?

    Correct, sites will despawn (about) 20 minutes after you stop hacking. Give or take.

  • @Scarsan-Stripes Hmm, I thought that happened 1 or 2 hours after you locked one of the cans, but I may be wrong.

  • what space does databanks and ruins spawn more

  • @Adam-Parvi So, every site has differing numbers of ruins, remains, rubble, or debris cans.

    Only low-sec or null have debris, I think.

    in W-space, the low-tier sites have one ruins, several remains, and several rubble (or their datasite equivalents)

    Medium tier sites will have two or 3 ruins, 2-3 remains, and 1-2 rubble.

    High-tier sites (crystal quarries and the data site equiv) generally have 3-4 ruins, and 3-4 remains, no rubble.

    Each tier gets rarer, and also a bit harder to scan down, but never forget, the RNG reins and the number of kinds of cans doesn't guarantee good loot.

  • @Adam-Parvi As someone else mentioned, I've gotten more empty ruins cans than loot-pinata ruins cans, but the occasional good ruins can can have 20-60m in pirate components. I always hack everything in a C1-3 that isn't a sleeper site, and I'll take my share of empty ruins cans along with a good number of decent remains cans. You'll find that over time, decent remains cans will end up funding you, more than a few jackpot ruins cans. And don't curse the empty cans, the time hacking them is a sacrifice to BoB.

    Cargo scanners are the devils plaything and no self-respecting explorer should use them!

  • @Nexus-Aivo Just finished covert research facility and Mainframe was definitely harder (bigger) than Databank.

  • @Este-DeStirr said in Data/Relic Site Difficulty:

    Cargo scanners are the devils plaything and no self-respecting explorer should use them!

    Easy there, Tiger.

  • Just curious if the scanning difficulty rating for Relic / Data sites has any correlation to the level of loot inside the site. For example, is the loot for a site with a scanning difficulty of IV have better loot than a site with a scanning difficulty of I?

  • Sorry, for some reason I wasn't logged in.
    That was my question.

  • @Skylar-Noob In general, yes. But not always. :-)

  • whats the best strategy when hacking a databank or ruins?

  • @Adam-Parvi Rule of Six. :-)

  • @Thrice-Hapus That, plus the zuegma/blackglass combo.

  • I've had very difficult hacks resulting in a red core only to be rewarded with 2 lumps of carbon for my troubles, so I always pre-scan my cans. I'll also cherry pick in J-space as, like others have stated, when you have 100m+ isk in loot, getting ganked for a can worth 40k isn't fun.

    I'll always clean up in K-space and null though as you know if your alone or not.

    The odds of another explorer scanning the site with that 20min despawn window will be quite low I would think.

    I also find it adds just that little extra protection whilst hacking another site as any potential hunters may visit the partially finished site first.


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