Signal Cartel Fleet School Directory of Important Information

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel Fleet School (SCFS)!
    We’re a group of Signaleers with varying levels of experience in commanding, supporting, and participating in fleet operations who want to improve our skills, build confidence, “try on” a new role in a safe environment, and have some fun with Corpmates along the way.

    The Purpose of SCFS
    SCFS was germinated from the recognition of an unfulfilled need; some of us within Signal Cartel wanted to move beyond DPS roles but had no idea how to do so. This group was created to help aspiring FCs/Logi Pilots/Scouts learn how to take on new roles within fleets, cultivate new skills, and build confidence. We cultivate new skills and build confidence in a variety of ways: peer-to-peer learning, practicing newly acquired skills in low-pressure, low-stakes environments, and promoting mentoring relationships between aspiring FCs/Logi Pilots/Scouts and more experienced FCs/Logi Pilots/Scouts who are willing to share their skills and wisdom.

    The mission of SCFS is to help each Signaleer come into confident possession of his/her innate talents and facilitate knowledge creation and sharing by fostering connections between Signaleers. SCFS recognizes that each Signaleer is unique, and we respect individual needs, differences in learning styles, and variations in desired involvement levels.

    Completely aligned with the Corporate Credo, we are dedicated to the highest ideals of exploration and our culture is one of wanderlust, camaraderie, helpfulness, respectful behavior, and peaceful intent.

    Our hope is that a virtuous cycle will take hold over time: those aspiring FCs/Logi Pilots/Scouts who are receiving mentoring now will develop into experienced FCs/Logi Pilots/Scouts who will then, in turn, support and mentor the next group of aspiring FCs/Logi Pilots/Scouts, and so on ad infinitum.

    SCFS Training and Mentoring
    We have a variety of options for training and mentoring:

    • for those interested in learning by doing, feel free to jump right in and organize your own fleet or activity - be sure to let us know how we can support you!

    • for those who only want a place to ask questions or get advice on a specific issue, check out the SCFS Q&A Mega-Thread.

    • for those who are seeking a mentoring relationship, SCFS will assist in pairing you with a Signaleer who has experience in your desired area (FC, Logi, or Scout). It's up to you to work with your mentor in a way that works best for both of you. Please keep in mind that all of our mentors are volunteering their time and expertise, and have other commitments and demands on their time in EVE and in real life.

    • for those experienced FCs, Logi Pilots, or Scouts interested in serving as a mentor, SCFS will assist in pairing you with an aspiring FC, Logi Pilot or Scout to take under your wing.

    We currently have a group of aspiring FCs/Logi Pilots/Scouts who are looking for mentors. If you have experience, please consider volunteering your time to help us grow the next crop of leaders. We can't pay you in ISK, but you will be rewarded with knowing you helped someone else and contributed to strengthening Signal Cartel.

    SCFS Activities
    Activities are scheduled on an ongoing basis and are, to a large extent, dependent upon the interests and availability of group members. Our goal is to create content that is engaging for all Signaleers while simultaneously fulfilling our SCFS mission.

    To ensure that we have a continuing presence, there will be one “Fresh Faces Fleet” (FCd by Theana Gaterau) scheduled per month. This monthly outing is open to all members of Signal Cartel & EvE-Scout. The “Fresh Faces Fleet” is intended to be a learning experience – they are non-isk-making, non-combat, low-pressure outings. If you’ve never participated in a fleet before, or want to participate in a new/different role, this is the fleet for you! Be sure to check the Fleets and Events page for information on upcoming dates.

    If you’re an aspiring FC, feel free to schedule fleets, roams, and other activities as you like. If you're an aspiring Logi Pilot or Scout, connect with an aspiring FC and work with them to get something on the calendar. It’s up to us to create the content we want to see, so let’s make it happen!

    You can use this template to create an announcement. Be sure to post your announcement in the SC Fleets & Events thread, drop a note in the SCFS Upcoming Events thread, and post your event using the in-game calendar.

    Don't forget to promote your event! You can find a quick guide on promoting your event here.

    SCFS Resources
    SCFS is, at the current time, non-isk-generating and does not maintain a separate inventory of hulls, modules, ammo, etc. However, some Signaleers have graciously offered us access to the following:

    • use of T1 Logi ships

    • use of a C3-C5 Armor Doctrine Battlecruiser fleet

    • use of a Wolf Rayet fleet

    • use of a Vexor Navy Issue Spider fleet

    Please note that these resources remain under the control of those allowing us to use them – SCFS does not serve as Quartermaster or maintain an independent supply of these resources. If you are planning an upcoming SCFS event and would like to utilize any of these resources, please contact Theana Gaterau – she will connect you with the appropriate contact person for the resources you would like to use.

    Additionally, a representative of the Anoikis Division has generously extended us permission to use one of the AD wormholes as a “practice space.” If you are planning an upcoming SCFS event and would like to discuss using AD space, please contact Theana Gaterau – she will connect you with the appropriate AD member to discuss your plans and needs.

    Getting Started in SCFS
    If you are interested in participating in SCFS, please complete this survey about your interests and preferred level of mentoring commitment and/or reach out to Theana Gaterau in game.

  • May I be the first to wish you good luck with this fantastic project @Theana-Gaterau :-)

    I look forward to seeing you leading this new program / division.

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  • I'm loving seeing this come together. Great stuff!

  • I've made the division, moved this post there, and pinned it. Thanks for taking this initiative and getting it off to a great start with solid documentation to orient new members. I've also linked to this post in the DII, under Our Programs and Tools.

  • Thanks @Mynxee! SCFS is officially "official"!

  • @Theana-Gaterau This is awesome. Great work Theana.

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