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    We started receiving helpful info before the official creation of the division, so I'm going to re-post a particularly useful piece about planning and time commitments from @Thomas-Meagher:

    Just wanted to say - the activity and destination the fleet is doing has a big impact on how much work the FC does. Also, having some help can greatly reduce the amount of work you have to do (for example, a friend helping you scan down tons of sigs in a target wormhole).

    Anytime you have a SPECIFIC wormhole you want to run - it can be TON of work trying to get a chain that is close to Zoohen. It takes a lot of scanning, bookmarking, and checking up on the stability of the chain before the fleet to make sure it is good. The very nature of wormhole connections means you are at the whim of RNG for good routes (but to be fair, the more you scan, the more you increase your luck)

    Now, if you are NOT looking for a SPECIFIC wormhole, but more so -"the closest wormhole to Zoohen" for example - MUCH LESS work and much easier to get your entrance and your fleet there fast.

    I cannot speak on low-sec/null-sec specific fleets. I know @Thrice-Hapus leads some fleets through null-sec site seeing.

    I find the hardest part is trying to stick to schedule, and being fair to everyone else when someone is late.

    Are you willing to wait 10 minutes for 1 person when every other person is at formup? And the way you let the person who is late know, you don't want to be to hard on them - but you don't want it to be absolutely okay that they are the only one holding up 10 other people. And also, it is okay to sometimes wait for the last straggler - but ultimately it is the FCs call, and sometimes can be a difficult one to make.

    I find once you get the fleet rolling though, everything takes care of itself. It's the prep leading up to the fleet that can take time.

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