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    The first time doing anything can be scary. Knowing that others experienced the same thoughts & feelings but made it through can make it a little less scary. This thread is dedicated to sharing the (good/bad/ugly) story of your first fleet experience.

    My first fleet experience was... well, it wasn't. Let me explain.

    I started playing EVE on 1/1/18 and joined Signal Cartel on 1/9/18. The SC birthday fleet was scheduled for 1/13/18. I wanted to participate but wasn't sure I was ready. I went back and forth between "yes, do it" and "no, don't" for several days. On the day of the event, I had finally talked myself into doing it.

    I was in the form-up station in Thera and ready to go. I had no idea what I was doing, didn't really know anyone in SC, and was too nervous to ask questions in Alliance Chat. As departure time approached, I became really anxious. I jumped the gun a bit and undocked before the rest of the fleet. I was instantly podded right outside of the station.

    It was awful. I felt awful. I remember thinking that it was probably for the best, since I wouldn't have done well anyway. I didn’t even know what “doing well” meant, but I was sure I would have made a mess of things.

    A little while later, I saw an announcement for one of the Vulfpup fleets. I decided to try again, and went out with the group on 2/9/18. I ended up back in a new clone in Zoohen again (lesson: don't get too far away from Logi) but it was a great time and I ended up "doing ok" while I was out with the fleet.

    My advice: don't miss out on a great time because you've never done it before, and don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it. Everyone in this corp is willing to lend you a hand and answer a question at any time. It's one of my favorite things about SC!

  • @Theana-Gaterau

    OMG, I remember that !!! Glad you stuck it out mate. 8-D

    Here's one of my first Market Mistakes:


    Originally posted here on Nov 27, 2016, 7:24 PM

    So I just finished my 1billion isk Serpentis Tower... and was placing it on the market for 1,175,000,000.00... when mah #$&@ cat jumped up and stepped on the enter key before I finished typing the zeros...... I don't expect the lucky purchaser who go it on a buy order to respond to my eve mail nor be kind or merciful, but I sent a message to him anyhow... fingers crossed... easy isk come, easy isk go... my total loss will be about 550 mil isk in materials and the additional loss of profit from the sell. I guess I need to work on my peripheral vision and restrict my cat from trying to fly anymore market orders. ^_^

    <carry on>

    TL:DR I lost a big sum of isk and potential isk because of a failure of myself to keep my gosh darned cat off my keyboard.

    After a few eve-mail messages back and forth I have managed to rekindle a little faith in New Eden Humanity in an old Bitter vet and myself aswell.



    From: System Baud
    Sent: 2016.01.19 23:07
    To: Alexei Kerensky,

    omg... I am only just new and I sold my Serpetis Tower missing three zeros to you....

    I know I have no right to it as I made the mistake with the price.. But if you have it in your heart to sell it back to me I would be ever so grateful.

    Your humble Capsuleer,

    System Baud


    Re: omg
    From: System Baud
    Sent: 2016.01.20 21:20
    To: Alexei Kerensky,

    Alexei Kerensky, If you were wondering, I found the Serpentis Tower BPC in a Relic Site, and then spent all of my isk to build it.

    This game, I have learned can be ever so unforgiving.

    If you are not interested in doing a good deed, please consider naming the tower after me... maybe something like System Baud's Folly... lol, that would give me some solace.



    System Baud


    Re: omg
    From: Alexei Kerensky
    Sent: 2016.01.20 21:29
    To: System Baud,

    As somebody who is an explorer at heart and has made numerous market mistakes at the past, I regret to inform you that the tower has been already sold. I am however going to send you 500 mill as this is not the first time i've gotten a similar message.

    This day we learned about the value of taking 10 seconds to read ALL the warning messages when it comes to trading high value items and to not put all our proverbial eggs in the same proverbial basket. You also get a story to go back to when this situation occurs to you in 10 years, after you've become a bitter vet.

    I wish you best of luck out there, and I want to inform you that Dreddit is recruiting.


    Re: omg
    From: System Baud
    Sent: 2016.01.20 21:35
    To: Alexei Kerensky,

    Alexei Kerensky, Thank you.. It will be a great story when I become a bitter vet someday, and it was a very good learning experience for me.

    Let me know if Signal Cartel can ever help you.

    : ) System Baud



  • @Theana-Gaterau Your story squeezed my heart. Please never think that you not being there was for the best again. It can be scary I know, and even if you don't do well at first, the second or third or fourth time will be better.

    I was also like that in my first fleet. It was, eh, more than half a year ago? During my highsec missioner period, one of my more veteran friends mailed me an invitation to a public NPSI fleet. The event was called CCD (CAS Combat Day), and it was meant to introduce new players to nullsec and PvP.

    At that time, those two concepts were very distant to me, something only hardcore players did. I was well aware of the other side of the coin in Eve, but seldom dared to venture outside the relative safety of highsec. It was the same with fleet ops and voice comms. But on the other hand, I took it as a chance to get involved in something challenging and new, so I jumped in and did it.

    I was incredibly nervous at first as well. Would I have to speak with so many people listening? What if I screwed up? What if people just didn't care much about me?

    Fortunately, everything went pretty smoothly. We had a good FC who gave clear instructions and even though I died some times, any lost ships were always replaced. The next time I participated in that same fleet, I was much more relaxed and had an even better time.

    So yeah! Then I participated in a lot of fleets, I learned how to survive in nullsec and wormholes, I gained experience while exploring... It just now really dawned on me how much I grew since the beginning. I'm glad I took part in that first fleet. I hope everyone else can feel the same way, including you Theana.

  • My first fleet was not a happy experience, newer corp members belittled for making mistakes and relatively inexperienced members being led against wartargets while experienced players refused to undock. We got a couple of kills, which raised the mood a little, but I was already thinking I'd leave corp.

    Rude isn't something I want in my life. I can live with a little evil, but the rude can take a walk.

    Afterwards we were told that the war was a mutual, organised by the corp leadership to give us some experience whether we liked it or not. I lasted another couple of days, iirc, before deciding I'd rather play solo for a while.

    Finding SC was amazing. The fleets in SC are a world apart, I might even lead one myself one day.

  • @System-Baud - that IS a great story! I sometimes think my cat is trying to "enrich my environment" by creating issues, but you've got some hard evidence it is so!

    @Dagmar-Maulerant - thanks for sharing your story and your words of encouragement. My post was not intended as "poor me" but as "it happened, but I'm good." I've gotten pretty good at managing my internal dialogue, but even now it still gets the best of me some times!

    @Auds-Lennelluc - talk about trial by fire! I agree that a little evil is OK, but rude (and mean!) are something else completely. I hope you do decide to lead a fleet. SCFS is standing by to help if you need it!

  • Another First:

    My FIRST adventure with solo hugs
    Posted on Signal Cartel Forums Jul 4, 2017, 8:07 PM

    #/login /Username System_Baud
    #/Pasword ***************
    /Create Report
    Report #39.203

    I have traveled again from Thera to Null Sec. My destination was HED-GP but two things got in the way of my plans as they often do and I found myself in Keberz.

    Before I reached Keberz, along my 17 jump path from Thera through Null Sec, I encountered a small Gate Camp near 7GCD-P.

    I was going to run for it but as they had two Sabres' and an interceptor of Caldari construction, and with little hope of escape, I turned my Reputation Tank on with a friendly greeting... The conversation over the next 60 seconds went as follows:

    [06:43:16] EVE System > Subspace communication beacon unreachable. Channel list unavailable.
    [06:49:46] System Baud > o/ Signal Cartel Greetings Fellow Capsuleers
    [06:49:56] Akaash Kelmalu > we wont shjoot
    [06:49:59] CPT Ashen > you're good bud
    [06:50:00] Akaash Kelmalu > shoot*
    [06:50:01] CPT Ashen > o7
    [06:50:04] Akaash Kelmalu > o7
    [06:50:06] Gregor Hayze > o/
    [06:50:17] System Baud > o/ Thank you Safe Travel
    [06:52:07] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : 7GCD-P


    With a warm feeling overcoming me from overheating my belief I continued on my way without event until I reached Keberz.

    Now I am not going to lie... My Navi-comp must have been out of alignment, but I swear I had actually jumped into HED-GP, but only realized later I was still in Keberz.

    My plan was to scan down ships and warp to them cloaked experimenting with my newly acquired, Combat Hug Probes... so scanning I did go.

    Excited with my new found powers I found a Rifter on my scans and warped to 100KM off it's bow only to find myself bending space and light warping from inside the corona of the star. I scanned again and found the Rifter again and warped to it... each time I landed on the Rifter It was moving at astonishing speeds, over 60,000km/s. After about 10 scan and warp to Zero's I finally landed on grid with the Rifter and warped one final time to within 10kms.

    Overheating my hugs and adrenaline I locked the Rifter and engaged my Hug Module. . . and then... nothing... the Hug 9000s rocketed to the Rifter the velocity just sat at zero. then boom, boom Thump the hugs went off... nothing. I scanned the ship with the Densci42 Life T1000 Scanner and found there was no life aboard, no capsule, nothing. She was adrift... and that was when I realized I was in Keberz (High Sec) not in HED-GP (Null Sec).

    I wonder how many of us Cartel members live in J space and travel through Low Sec and Null Sec in search of bounty and hug worthy opponents... only to realize we are jumping to perches as if we are in Null or J-space when we are in a .7 Hi Sec.

    The rest of the crew on my Anathema had a good chuckle that day. It's good to know they do not think of me as a perfect immortal god, but just another wanderer full of surprise and fallibility. They did enjoy passing around the ship recorder that had documented the events.

    /attach file: 9032.3.5323.42fug <sadly, file appears lost>

    /end Report
    /save Report #39.203
    /error: insufficient permissions
    /sudo /save Report #39.203
    Report Saved Time Stamp 2323:2455:342
    /log out

  • Well, my first fleet experience was way back in my first stint in the game.

    Circa 2006, back when there wasn't a skill queue and rigs weren't a thing. I tried the game out after see it mentioned on ctrl-alt-delete. Having played Frontier Elite II a while back and enjoyed it (even if I was crap at it,) I liked the idea of it so start up.

    Somehow I found out about a corp of people who joined because of CAD; and so joined that corp. I had unfortunately decided down the path of mining - where as most of corp were PvErs.

    To the first fleets - my role's ended up being hauling salvage whilst the others brought the pew pew. Not exactly that much fun.

    In the end; I spent (wasted) a lot of time and went no where. I ended up quitting Eve as I spent more time in the Pub.

    Fast forward to 2017 and found out about the Alpha players; I thought, well I need something that I can dip into in the Evenings whilst my daughter is asleep and since my computer isn't a gaming rig I thought i'd try it again.

    The first fleet in my second life; was a ESRC training fleet. I had to bail early but I gain some vital insights into the game.

    My second proper fleet was a few weeks ago where I joined others to zap sleepers in my confessor; and it was lots of fun (if a longer amount of play.)

    Thanks to this corp; my play style can be completely ad-hoc, limited and yet we can still have fun in the fleets.

  • lol, jus saw the title was First Fleets,, I just saw the Friendly "MY FIRST" Image and my brain translated it to my FIRST Experiences in New Eden.

    I am so off topic,

    My bad <chuckle> I'm bad.

  • Back in the dim and Distant Past...
    The first corp I joined TFAIL (should have known shouldn't I) we would do missions together, particularly as at that stage I didn't have enough standings to get beyond Level 2's although I could manage (barely) Level 3's solo.

    So anyway we would occasionally pair up to do Level 4's, which lifted my standings pretty quickly really, as all I did for the guys was follow along behind in a Coercer and salvage everything.

    Anyway, one day the CEO decides we are going to have a Fleet Roam through a neighbouring Low Sec loop (nothing can go wrong with that can it?).
    We jump in and proceed to do a few sites then move through the loop.

    All fill of loot and 1 jump from home as we turned back, what should appear in front of us, but a gate camp.

    We weren't too worried as numbers were slightly in our favour, nobody was behind or in front of us and we were a well tanked small BC group against a couple of BC's some Frigs and a Cruiser or two.

    That is until the Thanatos Dropped on us!

    Our CEO (as FC) panicked and bolted for gate, forgetting us as we were all engaged. next minute I'm BOOM! then waking up in Clone Vat.

    Everyone of the corp got podded except our CEO who got out in about half armour, needless to say he wasn't allowed to FC again, and we never did a BC roam again, but we did do some frigate roams which were fun and mainly WH ops against Sleepers

  • @System-Baud you’re good - NP!

  • @Symone-Hemanseh what a story! Thanks for sharing, and I’m sorry that the FC left you guys behind... I hope you’ll join us for some of our fleets - I’m hoping for a lot of positive experiences for folks!

  • My very first fleet was a Signal Cartel HUGS fleet over a year ago. My PC at the time was a laptop, so I was running graphics in potato mode. I did not understand what everyone was so keen about -- I could not see the fireworks with my settings turned down so low! So that fleet seemed a bit boring. :-)

    Once I got hooked on EVE, I upgraded my PC to something that has a dedicated GPU. The first time I saw fireworks brought tears to my eyes. What a sight!

  • I can't quite remember my first fleet, but i believe it was just a random group of people who just decided on a whim to stick together and do a combat site. We were all just a few days into the game and had no idea what we were doing.

    I don't think this needs to be said, but we failed. Horribly. I still laugh about it when I remember it.

    If I remember correctly most of us sat still (not even orbiting) and attempted to shoot at anything that came near. Only one of us used any defense and he didn't even target anything, so he sat there repairing but not doing anything. :laughing:

    I think it's safe to say that I learned pretty quickly to use more than just one gun to attack. I even tried to use a mining laser to attack. I still cant believe I did that!

  • alt text
    In my first fleet experience I mistakenly, and single handedly, destroyed over 30 percent of OUR OWN FLEET by accident and still got a reassuring "No worries mate" from my most gracious FC @Dagr-Matthiasen. I had no idea what I was doing. (P.S. tl;dr I still don't)

    Dagr was looking to run out of Zoohen in a spider tank VNI fleet to kill rats, or sleepers, or something I do not remember. I didn't know what a spider tank was, or a VNI at the time, but he assured me:

    1. it would be fun
    2. he could loan me the VNI to fly (oh, it's a ship!)
    3. We would not die. (which is why he was willing to loan me a 60 million ISK VNI)

    So Dagr was mostly right. (I, personally, did not die.) We flew out happily killing whatever it was Dagr wanted us to kill. We were a small fleet, but Dagr was unwaveringly supportive and at the same time a confident and patient leader. Before we left, he told us, [paraphrasing] "This will be no problem. In fact this is the perfect sized fleet for what we are going to do. It will mean more ISK for all of us."

    He was so reassuring.

    So Dagr led my noobie butt and the rest of the fleet out to some system I don't remember, to kill some NPC race I do not recall. We each had "repping buddies", and we were instructed to maintain our focus on them, watch our distance and make sure we did not lose contact with them or they would die.

    Check! Repping buddy! Got it!

    My repping buddy was Signal Cartel member @Iris-Smith (I WILL NOT let you down Iris Smith!)

    We dealt damage with drones only. And we were really killing a lot of the things. (I mean, I think we were. Dagr was pleased anyway)

    Then my repping buddy got into trouble. He was dying. I was repping, repping repping, repping!

    And then Dagr asked me calmly to please pull my drones off of Iris.

    I was like, "What do you mean?"
    Too late. Iris was dead.

    I destroyed Iris and didn’t even know how it happened. He was my first ever kill in Eve and he was my REPPING buddy!!! I killed my own repping buddy! (What a loser!)

    "No worries, its OK," Dagr told me.

    Ugh. We were a fleet of just three, and I destroyed a third of us.

    As far as I know, that hull is still in Zoohen with the death of Iris Smith on it's record.

    Iris was my first, and only, kill in Eve to this day.

    How's that for a first fleet experience?

    P.S. THIS is how cool Dagr was. He said, "Don't worry about reporting this to @Mynxee. It was my fault. I will take care of it."

  • @A-Dead-Parrot All right. This needs to win some kind of prize. @Mynxee, did Parrot get a medal for this? Did Iris? Did Dagr? I think a special commemorative medal is in order. :-)

  • Great story, @A-Dead-Parrot! I think you should come out on one of the SCFS outings and fly Logi. I'm willing to take one for the team and be your repping buddy! :punch_tone1:

  • Drone damage done : 1337 . Bob has a sense of humour.

  • @Theana-Gaterau you know not what you ask.

    In my second PVE fleet attempt, about a month ago, I was in a fleet of approximately 20 or so, flying a DPS Catalyst and do you know who I accidentally shot then?

    Our FC, @Thomas-Meagher

    I was such an idiot, I saw Thomas taking damage, and I shouted out in fleet coms, "Hey, who is shooting Thomas?"

    (Because, you know, with my vast fleet experience I knew that these friendly fire type of accidents CAN happen sometimes, and I was trying to be helpful)

    I knew Thomas was taking damage because I saw his "circle" on my screen going red. Then I realized that the only way I could possibly be seeing Thomas' "circle" on my screen was if... OMG... I was the one shooting him!!!

    I turned off my weapons, and was too embarrassed to say anything more.

    Then Thomas replies to my voice shout out and says, "I'll find out who it was, I'll check my combat logs right now..."

    I was mortified. I wanted to drop fleet right then and there and go back to my desk in Paleo station. (I had some reading to do anyway, I was only on page 10 of Shuttle Piloting for Dummies)

    Thomas was as gracious an FC as Dagr was. He said, "Parrot, you could have at LEAST said you're sorry." I eve-mailed him and apologized profusely. I honestly still haven't recovered fully from that one.

    So, I think, volunteering to be a member of my third fleet attempt, might not be as hot an idea as you first thought.

    I know @Po-Huit has ably held high the moniker of "The worst pilot in Signal Cartel" - but I think he does that to make ME feel good.

  • @A-Dead-Parrot Right, we're doing a fleet later for event combat sites! Time to release the repressed violent streak, it will feel better afterwards.

  • @A-Dead-Parrot I was there and remember that well! (I also remember thinking, "oh crap... I hope I'm not shooting at my FC"). @Thomas-Meagher took the situation in stride, and thankfully he's still inviting us to participate in his fleets! Parrot, you're welcome to fly with me any time, and I hope you'll consider joining us on Saturday or in April. Both are non-combat, so you'll be OK! :)

    I'm really glad I created this thread, and I'm grateful to you all for sharing your stories. Mistakes happen. Things go sideways. But we recover, learn from the situation the best we can, and move on and try again!

    I hope these stories inspire others to try fleet activities for the first time and/or continue to participate even if one outing didn't go as well as hoped.

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