SCFS Red Team / White Team Duel?

  • I'm trying to create interesting ways to help everyone get some experience in their desired roles. I know there is a good bit of interest in Logi. The two events I have on the calendar (one this Saturday and one in April) are non-combat. While we will have Logi along with us, we hopefully will not need them and they may have no opportunity to practice repping us.

    I was thinking about setting up a "duel" between two SCFS fleets: red team and white team. We'd need equal (or nearly equal) numbers on each team. Doctrine would be set to T1 Racial Frigates (like @Quinn-Valerii's Death Race) for pew-pew and a similar entry level Logi ship. Strict doctrine and fit required to make it a fair fight.

    We might be able to use one of the AD holes (I'll look in to this) so hopefully we wouldn't be destroyed interrupted by looky-loos who happen to come across our sparring.

    There would be strict rules of engagement: shields and armor are fair game, but we stop before hull damage. Nobody goes home in a pod as a result of sparring.

    This would give us some actual damage for the Logi pilots to repair, a chance for the FCs (whoever they might be) to practice setting and tagging targets, and give the DPS an opportunity to shoot at something (remember: we stop before hull damage).

    What do you think? Any interest? I'm happy to help facilitate if someone else wants to take the lead on this one...

  • Also consider doing this on Sisi, so that any accidental deaths do not then become more paperwork for Mynxee. In fact, actual, full-blown PvP between corpmates is kind of encouraged over there! :-)

  • Sisi it is!
    Anyone want to jump in and take the lead on this?

  • I would reserve the post of team commander if possible. Red team of course 8)

    As I see it, we will need to use two separate fleets, two separate channels on Discord or Mumble. Some nullsec system with station for fast reshipping. Sisi would be best option.

  • well, i'm new here..... But if you need or want to teach someone to fc, dm me in game

  • @Andrew-Chikatilo completely agree... two separate fleets, two separate comms, etc.
    You are the official commander of the Red Squad!
    Since you're the first one to claim a spot, I will let you suggest a date...

  • @Shakesha-Bererund Welcome! I'll send you an in-game message as soon as I can.

  • Sisi is a great choice. Not only due to Credo, but most ships and modules cost 100 isk each there - so no concerns about losses either. Love the inventive ideas you're putting forward. Not only does this teach FC, but also PVP defense .

  • Thanks @Captain-Crinkle ! Would you like to head the white team?

  • I doubt I know enough for that, but I'm eager to take part and hopefully learn.

  • Since you're the first one to claim a spot, I will let you suggest a date...

    There is already fleet scheduled to this Saturday, and next weeked I wanted to go fishing. So I suggest 07 April - let's celebrate birthday of Jackie Chan with nice fighting!

    We can call teams Red Army / White Army and name this event Russian Civil War Reconstruction 8)

  • @Andrew-Chikatilo - you got it! I may be out-of-pocket that day, but I'll try to make it.
    I'm happy to let you take the lead on this and create the event announcement, set doctrine and fit, handle comms, etc., but I'm also happy to help out with this. Just let me know what you need from me! :)

  • take the lead on this and create the event announcement, set doctrine and fit, handle comms


    @Theana-Gaterau we can adjust the date to make sure that you can attend 8)

  • @Andrew-Chikatilo How about Saturday, April 14th - would that work for you? We can still make it Jackie Chan themed! :left_facing_fist:

  • @Theana-Gaterau looks fine for me 8)

  • @Andrew-Chikatilo Let's do it!

  • @Theana-Gaterau I would like to take part in this. And I will understand, when I am the last kid standing in the line when we are choosing teams...
    alt text

  • Awwwwww, @A-Dead-Parrot, no... :( you won't be the last one picked, I promise! (We can assign teams to prevent this from happening... JK :))
    Would you like to fly DPS? Logi? FC?

  • It is fine to do this on Tranquility, we have friendly fire legal and permit consensual PVP among corp members for the very reason behind this kind of fleet, to wit: getting smarter about a) getting away, b) responding to aggression, and c) being a more effective PVE fleet member. There is really no burden on me as long as the FC sends me an evemail reminding me of the event after it happens and linking the battle report which shows all the kills. I will annotate them all “training exercises” on my kill log.

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