Group Outing for 'The Hunt'?

  • I received a good suggestion from @Ectheleon tonight - using the event sites as a learning tool.
    He said the harder sites have a dread boss, but "it doesn't hit hard, just needs a lot of firepower."
    Anyone interested?

  • I still need to go out and do the event myself, but if someone's ready to lead us against a dread NPC and there's enough participation, sure count me in!

  • @Dagmar-Maulerant Same here! Don't see FCing in my future, but willing to tag along and help.

  • I'd likely be interested, depending on when!

  • I'd be interested.

  • I'd be interested too. Got a relatively cheap rattlesnake fit for these sites ready to go.

  • Happy to join too. Can confirm these Dread spawns hardly scratch my Ishtar or Deimos, too fast a target for capital missiles. But their shield tank cannot be defeated solo, they warp off after a set time. So our biggest threat will be a PVP drop, as the Transportation sites re not found within high security.

  • Great to see so much interest!
    The next question: who wants to take the lead and organize an outing or two?

  • I've tried to find out what damage is required to take down one of these things, but so far with no luck. As zkill does not record npc kills unless there were also players "involved", by searches there have shown nothing aside from fleet drops mid combat. That link is here Although it does show a great one where Drifters dropped in to say hello too :)

    Does anyone have an idea of what is needed? The best I'm able to do solo in an Ishtar is around 70% remaining, which was at around 700 kinetic per second.

  • Could we do it with Thrashers or something. Captain Crinkle tank, someone logi him and lots of noob thrashers or something doing kinetic dps.

  • I think we can do it in cruiser-sized gang, maybe pack of Stratios with Caldari sentries. Local reps should be enough.
    Strat would be optimal choice because of covops cloak which provides safe travelk through lowsec.

  • I'd like to join you in the group outing, but I'm not sure if I can offer too much in the way of DPS. I'm only trained to level 3 in Gallente cruisers and battlecruisers and 3 in medium hybrid turrets and medium drones, but I am maxed for light drones.
    If that's sufficient for your needs, and the time is right, I'm in!

  • I'm going to sit this one out (RL: it's prelim season at the University and I have a ton of exams to grade), so I'll let you all choose a date, time & composition of group!
    Good luck, and let me know how it goes! o7

  • Oh well I'll go buy a Stratios then :p

  • @Annisir-Kaugan my comment was not meant to imply that the idea is scrapped - I meant that I won't be participating in this outing. I encourage you and everyone else who commented here to organize something among yourselves, go out, kick butt and get lots of loot! :)

  • Sounds like a novel way to die...

    I’d be happy to take part if the time and date work.Like Shinjin I haven’t trained much dps (well I have spent almost all my Eve time in SC after all), but I can do shield or armour logi or just blat away with some flyswatters and maybe draw fire away from the real damage dealers. Or would there even be a role for some EWAR??

  • Depending on date/time I can def roll out some logi...not my guardian (not enough reward for the risk), but I have a couple Augorors I can fly.

  • @Leda, @Chaim-Achasse, suggest days and times that would be convenient!

  • I am west coast US based (UTC -7), so weekends any time after 20:00 eve time is good for me.

  • @Theana-Gaterau No my comment wasnt aimed at you.

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