EvE-Scout Propaganda Posters: The Return

  • Hello again Signal Carriers!

    Last year I had a run of propaganda posters I worked on, for fun and the entertainment of we and our EVE peeps. Life conspired to cause the createive juices to dry up for a while, but I've a new laptop and new design software and the ability take my own **** screenshots, too, so buckle up for a whole new slew of fun EVE/SC art!

    The next few are a new series celebrating our beloved CoPilot, ALLISON

    (I'm trying to credit the photographer where I can, but my folder of "source" images is lacking in much of that info so if you recognize a pic and want it credited, please say something.)

    Greetings Captain

  • ALLISON's oft-reminder, this one featuring a pic of my own (no post-processing yet as I do not have a good Photoshop replacement yet)...

    Greetings Captain

  • We do try and be polite pilots... ALLISON is all too willing to help.

    Knock Knock

  • This was the first version of "Let's Fly" and uses a wonderful photo by DrZemph...

    Let's Fly

  • I love these! <3
    By far, though, the favourite is the "Should we knock first?" :D

  • These are awesome.


  • For Thrice and our friends in the ESRC: SAR program!

    Don't Fear, Capsuleer!

  • Um, so I tweaked it some more with a link to the new 911 service and just spiffied it up some:

    Don't Fear Capsuleer

    Someone let me know the year SC/ESRC has a booth at FanFest!! :P

  • @Este-DeStirr Yep, this one needs to be a poster print. Where can I get the full-size image?

  • @Este-DeStirr What Thrice said. I would like to get a full size print of the rescue poster!

  • @Thrice-Hapus @Chaim-Achasse try this link, it's a PDF, 300dpi, the image is nominally 11x17.


    I've never posted a PDF with imgur, don't know if it will still be a PDF

    ... no, PNG, let me try again

  • @Este-DeStirr Oh my...that is EPIC!

  • @Este-DeStirr Ordered my 11 x 17 print yesterday. I'll post results as soon as it arrives!

  • @Este-DeStirr When you export from Graphic to a PDF, it's a good idea to outline ALL the fonts (turn them into vectored objects), in case the person on the receiving end of the PDF doesn't have the fonts you used installed. That way, the PDF will be smaller than embedding the fonts in it and will always print out accurately. I usually duplicate the original text layers, make the original invisible, and outline the duplicate. That way, it's easy to make edits in future if need be. The option to convert text to outlines is in one of the menus, I forget which one.

  • @Mynxee oh thanks so much! I'll look into it - I had not thought about the end-user needing the fonts or the fonts making the PDF larger. Wonder if I can script the pre-press stuff...

  • Got mine in the mail today! Ordered 11 x 17 from VistaPrint for a few bucks. Turned out great!

    alt text

    alt text

  • @Thrice-Hapus OMG it looks amazing!

  • @Este-DeStirr It turned out great! Thanks for putting it together. :-)

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