Stories of Signal Cartel Posters by Este DeStirr

  • Here's one @Este-DeStirr did of my Tengu from last year. I know there are others in this series, but don't have them all, but thought I'd share mine.

    alt text

  • Katia, I'm so glad you liked that - it was the first of the what I had hoped would be a series of posters based on personal accounts from Signaleers...

    Here's another (on my own Stiletto, Slipstream):

    This is my Stiletto

    The Flickr album is here:

  • Great idea and execution. Now to get others on board! :)

  • This is awesome, great idea for a series!

  • @Mynxee I'd love to do one starring your Astero... :P

  • @Este-DeStirr You know, I did interview @mynxee on my blog a few years ago.... maybe it can help. This was pre Signal Cartel days too. :)

  • Arrgh ! Was trying to some of these as wallpapers for my iPhone and iPad. The darn unmovable time and date of the devices interferes with the text in the picture 🙁😠

  • @Tamayo coughandroidcough

  • I must admit, I wonder why there is no drake? ;)


  • Oooh, I wanna get one for my Ares!

  • Out of curiosity, what program do you use to make these posters? They look awesome, but I'm not sure just posting pictures in Open Office will quite suffice :D

  • @DaydreamBeliever Hi there! I use a mix of programs, since I am mostly a poor.

    • Autodesk Graphic - recent investment, thanks to @Mynxee for the reccy
    • Pages - comes on Macs and good for document layout. I'm moving most of my work into Graphic but I do miss having multi-page layouts.
    • - free web-based photoshop clone.
    • Pixelmator - using the 30 day free trial right now and will be buying it soon enough.
    • custom pdf-to-png scripts sometimes

    I also use various free fonts and images I find online or provided by you guys.

  • @Este-DeStirr I am using Autodesk Graphic for all the graphic design work I must do these days...I really love it. Also a big fan of Pixelmator. I'm really glad you are enjoying using them. By the way, you can do "multipage" layouts using Graphic. Just put all the assets for each page in one layer and name the layer accordingly. Any elements common to all the "pages" I put in a "Common" layer. Then, when I want to export just one of the pages, I make only its layer (and the Common layer if apropos) visible and export. And by the way, did you know that you can use Preview to export a bunch of jpgs selected in the sidebar into a PDF? Mac comes with some powerful free (or very low cost) tools.

  • For our beloved spacemom, Special Edition poster:

    This is my Astero - Mynxee Edition

  • @Este-DeStirr That is just awesome! Imagine a custom deck of cards with 52 diff ones of these on the backs!

  • @Mynxee Um. Yes, please!

  • @Mynxee Yes! I'd buy a deck of cards like this.

  • @Mynxee Fifty... two...

    /me faints

  • @Este-DeStirr want some text for a heron one?

  • @Ksari-Aumer I'd love a good Heron story!

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