SCFS and SED Join Forces to Train the Next Generation!

  • I am very happy to announce that Signal Cartel Fleet School (SCFS) and the Sleeper Eradication Division (SED) have joined forces to train the next generation of FCs, Logi Pilots, Scouts and DPS Capsuleers!

    Thanks to a very generous contract from @The-Cruelty, SCFS now has two fleets ready for use! We have a fully fitted armour fleet consisting of 5 Talos, 5 Brutix and 5 Exequror ships all set to go! We also have a fitted fleet of 9 catalysts and 5 coercers, ready to join up with some Logi ships and have some fun in a wolf rayet system!

    The fleets contracted to us by @The-Cruelty were built by various contributors who provided hulls, fittings, rigs, etc. On behalf of SCFS, thank you all for your contributions - they are much appreciated! In recognition of your generosity and effort, each of our ships will be named after a contributor/benefactor.

    SCFS and members of SED will be working together over the coming months to organize various types of operations and provide mentoring to up-and-coming FCs, Logi Pilots and DPS Capsuleers. These joint outings will be isk-making so stay tuned for details!

    If you're interested in putting together an event and would like to use one of the fleets, let me know. We have some veterans that we can tap for co-FCs and mentoring other roles, schedules permitting.

    Now that we have two fleets ready to go, there's nothing holding us back! Take a deep breath, step into a new role, and let's get those new ships dirty!

  • This is awesome... @Scarsan-Stripes and I were just talking about SED today. I am down to fly logi for any fleet that I reasonably make the time slot for!

  • This is awesome, I really love seeing this kind of coordination and working together!

  • Count me in only a few days off confessor

  • @Theana-Gaterau
    I have been looking forward to these fleets for quite some time now!
    Please feel free to keep me updated on ship losses/doctrine changes so I can help keep the fleet hangars full!

    Also, I'm in!

  • Thank you so much for the generous donations! I'm up to whatever activity we can concoct. This is gonna be interesting alright :).

    It seems we already have plenty of people that are willing to fill in the rest of the roles, so I believe we only lack an FC and a date. I'd happily practice FCing with those kind of fleets, but unfortunately I'm not much of a PvE expert. Let's see who volunteers to step up to the role :).

  • Wonderful and many thanks to the generous contributors. I will have to check out what training I might need for the various fits, but I believe I can at least fly the Exequror (though can’t always spell it), and probably the Coercer. So count me in!

  • I'm really excited to see so much interest in this!
    Here's a mega-reply to everyone who's commented so far:

    @Mynxee thanks for the support - I hope we can make our space mom proud!

    @Chaim-Achasse what time do you play? We can schedule something in your time zone (or multiple somethings in different time zones). You're always welcome to save our skins with an Exequror!

    I'm thinking about offering some mid-week time slots (maybe Tuesdays or Thursdays?) instead of always on the weekends. Is there interest in this? Everyone is invited to propose a day and time slot. Eventually, I'd like to have these up and running once a week, but we'll start slow until we get the hang of it.

    @Annisir-Kaugan great to hear! I'll keep a confessor warm for you!

    @Scarsan-Stripes thanks for your kind offer to keep our hangars full! Hopefully we won't need too many replacements, but I'm grateful for your assistance!

    @Leda I have an Exequror ready to go with your name on it! I'll post the fits for the Coercer as soon as I can. We could also talk about a Confessor / Coercer / Catalyst fleet, similar to the Vulfpup fleets, if folks need / want a lower entry point.

    @Dagmar-Maulerant I am going to volunteer to FC the first one of these. I've got some homework to do in terms of finding a Wolf Rayet system, static connections, etc., but I'm on it and will get something on the calendar as soon as I can.

  • @Theana-Gaterau it was @Scarsan_stripes who provided much of the industry work for building the ships. A prime spot (Im thinking fleet name) will be awarded to this noble capsuleer.

  • Agreed - and thank you @Scarsan-Stripes for your work! Shall we name the fleet after him or shall we allow Scarsan to choose the name?

  • I've been hungry for something like this – thanks to all who are contributing and putting it together. I can fly a Coercer, and will try to make it when it's scheduled.

  • @Mzsbi-Haev I'll have a coercer ready for you!

  • @Theana-Gaterau @The-Cruelty
    Accolades, recognition, a Jedi craves not these things.

    :laughing: you guys are too much! Really, I just wanna kill some sleepers!

    For me personally, any time/day after 21:00UTC usually works fine.

  • This is a great development! I'd love to take part.Many thanks to everyone involved in making this happen.

    Now the small print. As for flying ships, that's no problem. I can fly anything on that list with ( almost ) full t2 fittings, the exception being large hybrids on the Talos.

    The issue is going to be finding a willing FC to guide us. I've only attempted it in one combat fleet previously, and that was at easy event sites in low security. I may give it another try, but would need some practical guidance. Can anyone help?

  • @Captain-Crinkle I agree 100% with you. We do have some folks who could potentially provide practical guidance. @The-Cruelty has offered to mentor us, and he and I are working on identifying others who are willing to help. From what I understand from the forum posts, SED has quite a few folks who could help us learn. @The-Cruelty - would you mind reaching out to SED and see if anyone would be wiling to mentor us on a mission or two? I think your request would carry more weight than a request from me...

    I'm hoping that the potential for ISK generation from these future ops will incentivize a few experienced FCs to come forward and help us out. I'm open to considering different payout structures, and personally would be willing to donate my share of the ISK from an op as an honorarium to someone who would FC or Co-FC. It would be an investment in my education, and one that I would gladly make.

  • Quite happy to research some strategies, I know the principles.

  • @Theana-Gaterau I live in the western US so during the week I can't make anything before 24:00 Eve at the earliest; but on the weekends, I am free pretty much all day (except to pick up my kid from work between 22:00 and 24:00).

  • This is awesome! I would love to run that armor fleet, and eventually FC it. Got a bit much at my plate atm though, but as soon as things cool down.
    I'll check up on tactics and prepare in the mean time.

  • @Six-Nyendi let me know when you're ready and we'll make it happen!

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