Scarsan Armor Fleet Fits: Talos, Brutix & Exequror

  • As promised, here are the fits for the SCFS Scarsan Armor Fleet!

    We have 5 Talos:

    [Talos, Scarsan Armor Fleet]
    425mm 'Scout' Accelerator Cannon x8
    100MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
    Optical Compact Tracking Computer x2
    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II x2
    Prototype Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I x2
    800mm Steel Plates 1
    Medium Ancillary Current Router I x2
    Medium Anti-Explosive Pump I
    Hobgoblin I x5

    We have 5 Brutix:

    [Brutix, Scarsan Armor Fleet]
    250mm Prototype Gauss Gun x6
    10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
    Cap Recharger II x3
    Medium Armor Repairer I
    Prototype Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I x2
    Damage Control II
    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II x2
    Medium Auxillary Nano Pump I x3
    Medium Anti-Explosive Pump I
    Hornet I x5
    Vespa I x5

    We have 5 Exequror:

    [Exequror, Scarsan Armor Fleet]
    Medium Remote Armor Repairer II x3
    10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
    Cap Recharger II x2
    Medium Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
    Damage Control II
    Prototype Energized Explosive Membrane I
    Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II x3
    800mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates
    Medium Trimark Armor Pump I x2
    Medium Remote Repair Augmentor I
    Light Armor Maintenance x5
    Light Hull Maintenance x5

    I've named the fleet after you, @Scarsan-Stripes, whether you like it or not :) Your effort and generosity in building this fleet (as well as your offer to keep the hangar full!) should be acknowledged, and I know of no better way!

  • Looks great! What would be the intended destination of a fleet with those fittings?

  • J-Space PvE. I think it was originally intended for sleeper eradication.
    (Alternatively, we could swap out the weapons with festival launchers and hug the daylights out of someone with Naughty People Fireworks!)

  • Please define SCFS. Thank you. : D

  • @System-Baud Signal Cartel Fleet School

  • @Theana-Gaterau
    Awwww, you're gonna make me blush :blush:

  • Thanks @Thrice-Hapus - you beat me to it!
    @System-Baud let me know if you have any questions, or are interested in participating!

  • @Theana-Gaterau Just out of curiosity, is there a reason we aren't running Vulfpeck Skirmish doctrine fit on the logi here? Personally I like the cap chains, and as we progress hopefully to C4/C5 WR fleets that's what we will have to be using; so it makes sense to get used to them.
    My two cents, but I'll fly whatever you put me in.

  • @Chaim-Achasse the quick answer is that is how the ships were fitted upon delivery. @The-Cruelty is better positioned to answer your question - I’m a noob at fitttings...
    The post was more of an FYI-this-is-what-we-have than this-is-doctrine-you-must-fly-this.
    Im open to modifications, suggestions, bring your own, etc. 😀

  • If I'm not mistaken, this is part of the "inclusion fleet program" meaning the fits were meant to be alpha friendly.

  • @Chaim-Achasse The fits were put together by our own Splunkworks division. The logistics ships can be refitted for cap chaining if there's people willing to run them. The Battlecruiser fleet is not intended for Wolf Rayet systems (as you wouldn't get the bonus to small weapons). The ships were inteded to be alpha friendly and with a low skill point entry point and have been fitted as such.

    I will have a shield doctrine fleet ready soon. I'll be making the fits for this myself and it will entail cap chaining in the logi dept.

    While vulfpeck is all fine and good. Players can just go and run vulfpeck fleets if they want. The idea of the fleets was always to give players a taste of every fleet role regardless of their skills or experience.

  • It would actually be great if we could find a dedicated Logi mentor. I haven't flown a lot of logi and someone to take care of the instruction and fitting would be ideal.

  • the Battlecruiser fleet was paid for out of corp funds, as will the shield fleet. The dessie fleet was paid for by myself and put together by the wonderful @Scarsan-Stripes

  • @The-Cruelty posted the Armor Fleet Fits and Skill Plans in this SED post - thought it might be helpful...

  • Sweet! I'd love to be a part of this fleet. Is there a date/time set yet?

    I just fit a Talos last night that is remarkably close to the doctrine setup. Let me know the date and time and I'm there!

    I'd love to try logi, but I don't have the skills for remote armor repping.

  • @Calder-Torres Logi was one of the first things I trained for knowing that was the role I would want to play in fleets. Here I am, five years later with maxed out logi skills, and I have only ever flown logi twice! But I had a blast doing it!

  • setting a date soon - stay tuned!

  • I propose Saturday, 4/28 at 21:00 EVE time.
    Does that work for those interested?
    Also, we’re going to need an FC for this. I am not qualified to do it, don’t have the required skills trained up, and don’t want to compromise this op with my lack of experience. Any takers? @Dungeon-Manager? @The-Cruelty? Anyone from SED willing to serve?

  • @Theana-Gaterau Unfortunately 21:00 EVE time won't work that day. :-(

  • @Dungeon-Manager would you be willing to FC at a different time that day?

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