Safety : Can i warp to this site ?

  • @Igaze Nice, another thing I learned today. I thought it was an update or somth. Ty.

  • Shattered C4 wormhole yesterday

    Relic Site Ruined Guristas Temple Site
    Data Site Central Sansha Survey Site
    Data Site Central Angel Sparking Transmitter
    Data Site Central Blood Raider Data Mining Site

    Relic sites Safety Check
    Crumbing <> SAFE
    Decayed <> SAFE
    Ruined <> SAFE

    Data sites Safety Check
    Local <> SAFE
    Regional <> SAFE
    Central <> SAFE

    all of them safe did not see a single bady, except a Magnate what showed up .

  • Yeah, the guide glosses over that, but all shattered WH systems can spawn the nullsec pirate sites, same as C1-C3.

  • I think they spawn sites in a +1/-1 range of their tier. eg a C4 shattered will spawn C3/C4/C5 sites. I'm not sure if a shattered C5/6 will spawn faction relics though.
    Then there are the 3 sansha holes that spawn Sansha faction relics and sleeper caches that are usually only found in K-space... Wormholes are weird and wonderful 🙂

  • @Loodsster, thanks for the update on Shattered C4 Data and Relic sites, I'll look at running some of those sites the next time I come across one.

  • C13 yesterday also the C1-3 pirate site not as many as in the shattered bud still they spawn there

  • This is super helpful, thank you! I wish I would have seen it yesterday as I came across a Forgotten relic site and almost got blown up as a million and a half NPCs came after me lol.

    I do have a question on this topic that I was actually about to ask in forum elsewhere so great do you tell if a site is one of the C classes? Just by the things that are in/around the system or does it blatantly show it somewhere and I have somehow missed it? lol
    That was my first relic site experience in NS but after looking at this chart apparently it was a C site of some sort.

    Navigation confuses me in real life too so I'm struggling with that part a bit.

  • @Stenzzzy The C refers to the class of the wormhole. It is specific to wormhole sites, and does not apply to nullsec.

  • @Thrice-Hapus
    Ah, well that makes sense since I used a WH to get there. See, still need to do some reading on this stuff lol.

  • FYI, migrated this post to our corp wiki: Exploration Site Safety Guide along with some minor clarifications.

    The page remains public, so that David's excellent contribution to New Eden exploration can continue to help all explorers. 📡

    Any additions/subtractions/modifications to the wiki page - let me know....or, make them yourself. 😉

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