Null vs WH Exploration Preference

  • Even though I appreciate wormholes for all the reasons everybody else here does, I would take Null Sec over them in a heart beat. On contrary to wormholes where you can lead a solitary and quiet experience, in Null you meet a ton of awesome people and communities. I've had a blast talking to people from all over Null space. You would be surprised to see how many people are glad to see a Signal Cartel pilot and I've been told and shown how much the EVE Online community respects this corporation. I've made friends in the farthest corners of the Universe and some of them were even my hunters. People I've met were more than happy to share information with me, teach me about the game or show me tips and tricks on how to become a better explorer. I've become quite adept at Null exploration and it was in no small part thanks to the people who were kind enough to help me or the people who were passionate enough to hunt me down. Because of this I've outgrown any fear of travelling in Null, hacking in systems full of hunters, stealth bombers, smart bombers, or just hauling billions of ISK across the vastness of space. Least to say that Null has taken my comfort zone and has shattered it into a C13 and now I can confidently travel anywhere and engage into any sort of activity.

    Oh and.. ISK.

  • For me it's WHs for ESRC, connection to Signal Cartel folks, and exciting/dangerous hacking. Null is for ISK, connection to other players, and relaxing hacking. I find in Null I have to watch Local always, so I'm not in alliance chat as much – but locals often wave and I enjoy meeting them.

    I'm skilling toward running sites, it'll be interesting to learn if the trade-offs are the same for that.

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