Pezz's Pub citadel in Zoohen

  • Hi all,

    I just wanted to give Signal people a heads-up that the Astrahus called "Pezz's Pub" in Zoohen will be coming down within the next two weeks.

    Be sure to tell your friends to get any nice pods out of there that they may have.


  • Thanks for the heads up!

  • Awwww, well. Alrighty. Thank you for letting us know :)

  • both appreciated and saddened!

  • Sad news...but thank you for the of my clones will have to find a new home :wink:

  • Awww no. Does that mean I will now have to settle my massive bar tab there?

  • @Leda They let you run a tab?!? :P

  • @Thrice-Hapus yep, it’s called the Reputation Tankard!

  • @Sanxion
    But why? If you are looking for investors to keep it going or are interested to sell I may have a candidate..

  • @Leda If that comes in pints, sign me up! :-)

  • @Sanxion Sent you an ingame mail

  • Thanks, Pezz!

  • @Sanxion Thanks for the great service, she will be missed.

    Now I have to find a new home for Filthy Susan and my salvaging clone. :{

  • Thank you very much for having provided this service for so long, I'll definitely miss the fast clone swaps!

    :camera: :heart:

  • Thank you for having provided this great opportunity for us, as well as for the great eats at the Pub. I’ve not found a better burger in all of Genesis.

  • @Tamayo said in Pezz's Pub citadel in Zoohen:

    Sad news...but thank you for the of my clones will have to find a new home :wink:

    Regarding new home, we can install cloning bay on Black Mesa, in addition to Admiralty Shipyard.

  • @Andrew-Chikatilo
    Please please please!
    I have a clone in stain that needs that needs repurposed!

  • Those saddened by Pezz Pub's demolition can relocate their shiny pods to Black Mesa 8)

  • I hope I complete the rogue swarm event before this happens; I'm living in the jsystem I'm in until I'm through.

  • @Sanxion

    I have not really used Zoohen that much so did not get the opportunity to have a beer @ the pub. But still many thanks for your efforts with it.

    Is Pezz's pub open for purchase or investors? I think we really could use a players market hub in system to stock and sell Exploration related items. I've been wanting to put my alt corp to good use and maybe a Market and Manufacturing support is the way to go.


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