New signaleer!

  • So, I know I'm supposed to introduce myself on here within 24 hours, but I haven't had access to the forums until now. So here I am! I've been playing on and off for 11 years, but I've never met a corp so friendly and helpful. I've already experienced other players not in our group willing to talk to me and are generally more friendly. I used to fly in WIngspan on my other toon, and I always had the opposite reaction to my interactions. 🙂

    I saw a comment on a random reddit post mentioning Katia Sae, then I looked into this corp, who I'd heard of but never really knew about. Your credo and mission gelled with me immediately, and I applied. I had just joined a mining corp, but I'm so glad I came here. I look forward to many adventures within SC! Thank you for having me. 😃

  • Welcome aboard!

  • So I didn't really cover my experiences in Eve. I started in 2009 with a buddy who was instrumental in bringing down BoB. I won my first PVP fight, rifter to rifter 2 months in, and I was hooked. I've run missions, dabbled in Faction Warfare, lived in wormholes, back when sleepers gave ribbons, and many other things. I flew with ChaosTheory during WWB just to kill some Goons, because why not? I used to daytrip into WH's with my main running combat sites, and this guy, who was my alt at the time, flying a travel fit, cloaked orca, and mining and huffing gas. I started exploration a while ago trying to fund my blingy ships (you can see quite a few of them relegated to the killboards, if you look up Logihiminn), and then I ran with Wingspan Delivery Services for a while. It was fun, and crazy how fast that corp could map J-Space. This guy was originally a boring miner trying to fund my main's recklessness, then industry, then mission running, then site running, then an orca pilot and scanning alt, and finally to exploration. Now, it's my most active toon, and unlikely to change.

    As for this guy's name, it's bastardized Old Norse for Rock Stripper, since I made him to be a miner. My main, Logihiminn, is Old Norse for Heaven's Fire or Fiery Heavens. He was destined to be in a hurricane from day one. Minmatar fit my interests in Norse mythology, as well as my ancestry, so that's what he started as. Now, Logi can fly everything below a titan, except a few T2s in Amarr and Caldari trees. Also, he hasn't trained Triglavian or EDENCom. Skerfletta can fly most Caldari and some Amarr from cruiser down.

    Anyways, there's my background, and thanks if you made it this far! Fly safe and have fun! o7

  • Hi and welcome to Signal Cartel! 😉📡

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel!

  • Welcome to the corp! Glad you found us and always great to hear our friendly and helpful welcome wagon continues to run fine. 🙂

  • Welcome @Skerfletta ! 🙂

  • Welcome to SC enjoy the journey. 😎

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