Hello to you all

  • Hello travelers, I am Zathus Alexander, you can call me Zath. I have been playing EVE for 7 and a half years. I started playing EVE with my wife and instantly knew this was the game for us! Like most, I started mining in HS and nearly quit playing once my first Retriever got blown up with everything I owned inside. Albeit a crushing blow for a noob, I saw the potential and started to respect the mechanics. I have since played and lived in every corner of New Eden. I have been in small groups renting in NS, LS faction warfare groups, Large NS alliances, Small PVP WH corporations, I even lived by myself and 8 alts in WH for over 2 years (I started going crazy and talking to myself in-game).

    No matter where I have lived and played, I have always made my isk via exploration. I love to scan, hack, huff and mine. It has been the anchor that has kept me playing and I still enjoy it today. The one thing missing for me in exploration has been corp mates. The moment I dug into SC, I was blown away by the community and potential to actually contribute to something while doing what I love most and hanging out with like-minded pilots.

    As for RL, I own my own web development company and I am a programmer by trade. I am proud that we have built over 700 websites all over the US within the last 15 years. I am also proud to have served as a US Marine (0331). I have been happily married for 15 years and have 4 children.

    I have made many friends because of EVE and have met several of them IRL. I was able to attend EVE Vegas, and we have even been to the wedding of an EVE corp mate. I am looking forward to meeting you fellow explorers and hope to make more friends.

  • Hi and welcome to Signal Cartel! 😉📡

  • @Zathus-Alexander fantastic! Developers and army peeps seem to be very common in this game. We have all types in Signal, and it is the best corp.

    Welcome aboard!

  • Welcome to SC!

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel!

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  • Welcome to Sc see you in Thera.😎

  • Welcome, jarhead! o7

  • Welcome, hopefully we meet in chatt or in a system

  • Hi! Nice that you have joined us! See you in spece!

  • Glad to have you on board! 🙂

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