Good Morning from the UK

  • Just a quick hello introducing myself to this fine community. I started playing EVE a few years back when away from family studying Engineering. I played almost solidly for around 2 months before work won out and I had to cut back, but in this time the majority of my activity was exploration in nature. I have since returned to the game to continue my adventure.

    I am sure that many of you can make the link to my in-game name, Shelby inspired by my love for Ford Mustang's and more specifically related to "Eleanor" from Gone in 60 Seconds. The point in time where I discovered Signal Cartel was moments after being rescued from a Wormhole exploration session where I had returned to mine some ore, and forfot to add an escape route. On reading about the Corp it mirrored many of my own behaviour in the game and felt it would be good to be part of a wider purpose.

    Something about me...I am a keen runner and acoustic guitar player.

    Great to be part of the community.

  • @Matt-Shelby
    Welcome! From Gone in 60 Seconds started my love with a car too, but mine was with the Jaguar XJ220 that was shown briefly in one scene.

  • Welcome! I actually remember you name from your recent 911 call - I'm kind of Shelby fan myself 🙂

  • Welcome to SC!

  • Hi and welcome to Signal Cartel! 😉📡

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  • Welcome to Signal Cartel o/

  • Welcome from London

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