method to scaning cosmic sigs better.

  • hey there am wondering how reduce the scanning time with probes, in WH to find the relic and data without scaning the hole system and see whats there, is there a method to scaning with knowing the cosmic signatures better.

  • @amadeus-roots Once you get a sig scanned to 25%, it will indicate what type it is. With scanning skills at IV, I can generally get to 25% on a sig within a pass or two. If a bunch of sigs are clustered around the sun, you can sometimes knock out a bunch all at once with the right probe formation.

    Hope this helps!

  • Don't have any answers apart from what Thrice said. If you get better probe strength, it makes life a lot easier. (Skill level, Sisters probes, ship bonus, implants, etc)

    If you are interested in research, however, some signal members are thinking/discussing whether signal ID is completely random or not. You could take a look at their thread here:

  • @amadeus-roots In WH when you get a scan result you don't want, don't scan it too 100%, skip it and move, this can cut down on time spent scanning significantly as sometimes there's a whole bunch of gas sites. Also train your Astrometric skills, these help reduce scanning time too. Ans stick to Class 1-3 WH, you'll increase your chances of finding hackable sites instead of sleeper sites.

  • Training your Astrometric Acquisition skill as high as possible is a straightforward way to reduce the time it takes, since it reduces the scan time by 5% per level. So does Astrometrics. Train train train those skills!

    Also, practice helps. You will start to learn how with some signatures you will be able to reduce your scan range faster, than always halving every step. For example, lets say I start with a pinpoint spread at 8AU. I have found that if I get any signature down to a single red dot in that first pass, I can go down to at least 2AU range in a pinpoint formation. Sometimes that can cut out an entire scan cycle.

    Now I must say that I already have my Astrometrics to V, and the other Astrometric skills (Acquisition, Pinpointing and Rangefinding) are now at IV, and that I am sure helps a lot, so you may find that your mileage may vary early in your exploration career.

    One last thing, a cheap implant might be worth the investment. The Poteque 'Prospector' Astrometric Acquisition AQ-702 implant will reduce the scan time by 2%, and it can be had for less than 1M ISK as of today. But if you are feeling super blingy and like to throw money around, the AQ-710 will drop that time by 10% and is now on sale for 175M ISK in Jita.

  • @Lucas-Ballard is a 2% reduction really worth it? Even 10% leaves me skeptical.

  • @Dave-Ordo Every little bit helps. It all adds up, especially over the scanning of hundreds and thousands of signatures. 🙂

  • so nice still training scanning skills up to level 4 or 5 just take a few days, so once i have those skills scanning should go a bit quicker, thanks you all for your reply, with my current skills i only need like 40% to find out what it is and that takes me down to 1au. thanks again yall

  • @Dave-Ordo
    Yeah, it does. Not so much that you would notice in one system, but over the course of the night you might. Especially the 10% implant. And over the course of a month? As @Thrice-Hapus said, every little bit helps.

  • This video has the most clear and concise info on probe scanning I've come across: Really helped me reduce the number of scans to the minimum especially by knowing that I should start scanning on celestials at 4au, not on the center of the cosmic signatures.

  • @Burgled-Maulerant said in method to scaning cosmic sigs better.:

    Youtube Video

    I learned a lot from that video at the very beginning. Production value is outstanding, too.

  • @Kiota-Kahn thanks for the video great help,🥅

  • @amadeus-roots

    It was @Burgled-Maulerant that posted it initially. For some reason it just showed as embedded when I quoted it in my post.

  • what i didnt know about scaning was from scaning at 8 or 4au then to 1au when its pined to get more pro cent

  • @amadeus-roots

    I'll usually skip a range as I'm scanning down. I'll start at 8au in centered on the sun, that will turn most sigs into single dots, then hit each dot with a 2au, then 0.5au. On sigs that are around further out celestials that it's obvious which celestial they'll be within 4au of, I'll start at 4, then 1, then 0.25. Doing it this way I can identify (if not get to 100%) almost all sigs in 2 scans plus the initial one that covers multiple sigs.

  • As the others have said, skill training, implants help. Using the Sisters of Eve probes and launcher also helps. Reduced time and higher strength. Decent probe strength means you can usually get at least a basic idea of what the signatures are (gas, data, relic etc) in fewer passes.
    A quick handy tip I've found. After at least your first pass, once you start having dots vs red spheres, focus your map on a specific dot your going to scan around. If 1 dot becomes 2, the map stays centered on what is the ACTUAL signature, not just a false signal. Saves you some minor headache and at least one pass with the probes.
    As you get some practice, you can sometimes tell by how hard a signal fights as to if its worth it or not. Specially as your probe strength gets higher...sometimes lol. Eve still likes to surprise 😛

  • @Lucas-Ballard: With astrometric skills at IV, using pinpoint formation and positioning with reasonable care, you should almost always be able to skip every other step (4x shrink) when scanning. 8au 2au 0.5au, then 0.25 au if needed.

  • Sorry: noticed others had said this, but apparently I can't delete my post. 😞

  • @Po-Huit No worries. You summed it up nicely. Thank you!

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