EvE-Scout/Signal Cartel Celebrating over 1 million wormhole jumps!!!

  • As the premier service and exploration corp of New Eden, Signal Cartel travels all over the cluster. Mostly we utilize wormhole connections to support our public service offerings of Thera mapping and bookmark sharing, EvE-Scout Search & Rescue, and our EvE-Scout Rescue Cache program. In other words, we jump wormholes... a lot. From mid-2017 to present, EvE-Scout/Signal Cartel have completed over 1 million wormhole jumps!!!

    From time to time we're asked to share our wormhole jump data with those who'd like to do research for both in game and out of game purposes. To celebrate our milestone, we're providing a one time jump data dump provided by Allison, our in house AI, from 2018 through 2021 excluding pilot names. Provided via a CSV file which you can download from this link, you will find origination system, destination system, and timestamp. Keep in mind these are wormhole jumps, not gate jumps. If you see a K-Space to K-Space jump, then that was done via a wormhole, not a gate.

    Some stats:
    955,000 jumps from 2018 - 2021
    Visited all systems via wormhole connections
    Visited all J-Space systems a minimum of 161 times each
    Visited CL-IRS in Etherium Reach once!

    Lastly, any derivative work should acknowledge EvE-Scout/Signal Cartel as the data source, and if you find anything cool, please let us know! 🙂

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