• Ok, ladies..I hit the end of the road when it comes to having long hair and an endless supply of batik shirts. The time for throwing un-credo -like bants in local and actually bringing charges that can inflict anything else than a festive vibe to 'customers' are here. I decided to join 'the dark side' as of today. It's been a hell of a ride and I like to thank Johnny Splunk, 'Driffey' and P_E_Z_Z for sticking out this long with me in the corp. I've had romantic picknics in Fageras with P_E_Z_Z, roaming the deepest of Sansha with Driffey...and working on giving Johhny an endless supply of isk through my tax on the heavy farming in null. I have enjoyed my time with you guys/girls to the fullest...but I now need to step into the true, evil character that I belive I am to the core. My first target -get rid of the 'snugglynezz' and 'carebear-status' A.S.A.P. This means if any of you show up on my grid....be aware....;) I'll hold NO ONE as 'blue' from now on...

    ..and on that note....hope to see u all very very soon..........;)

    Keep flying safe (to make it a bit of a challange for me..;)..), and remember - Sub 2sec align is a religion!

    Over n' out from Ru 'Mr. Sanshaspace Moneybags' Naan


  • Fly risky out there! i'll look forward to getting podded by you one day 🙂

  • @Merkato-Cesaille I'll do my very very best!..;)

  • @Ru-Naan Chase me through Anoikis baby!!

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