Pictures of moons

  • Have been capturing a few images focusing on the many moons of New Eden. Enjoy.

    :camera: :heart:
    Moons - Flickr album

  • Noice... Those moons shots are great. I never connected that moons and planets were together in New Eden until I saw them in your Space Photos... Seems kind of obvious that moons are with planets... not sure why this escaped my perception while in game though. :| :)

  • @System-Baud Thanks! The moons sometimes have very distant orbits but it looks nice when they are close to the planet. I have updated the album with some more pictures if you want to see some more. :smile:

  • @Razorien Thank you , I will have a second pass.... may have to add to my desktop background image list :)

  • This one looks like the moon has a moon?? Is that a thing? or is that a strange looking ship I have never seen before?

    Triple Moon?

  • @Razorien WOW, Also found this in the source code of your Flicker page....

    Looks like there are moons in the Code as well :)

    Flickr Hiring?

  • @System-Baud That's one of the other moons of the same planet. Very conveniently placed both in line with the planet and in visual range of another one.

  • @Razorien cool more pictures to add to my desktop background folder.


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