Greetings, Signal Cartel!

  • Thanks for having me! You all seem like a really friendly bunch of people.

  • You might have the wrong corp ;)
    Welcome anyway though!

  • You are most welcome here. Greetings! :-)

  • Welcome!

  • Welcome welcome! :) Say hi in Alliance chat when you're online; we're all a bunch of friendly peoples ;)

  • You're very welcome to the Cartel! Do speak up in Alliance chat and say hi!

  • Welcome welcome!! :confetti_ball: @Merkato-Cesaille might have misread, we are friendly, now had you said something along the lines of 'you seem like a sane group of people' well then yeah, the jury is still deliberating on that one :P

  • Welcome!

  • were are very friendly!! That is unless the supply of fireworks or liquor runs out... :)

  • @Tarl-Kabott Woe betide he who lets the fireworks run out...

  • Hello to all. Just joined and am ready to explore! I hope to meet alot of new people to play with and meet! Hopefully I can catch up and explore with you guys, and find new interesting things! Happy to be here, pm me if youd like to go out on missions!


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