Hi guys, I'm new here :)

  • Hello everyone o7

    I'm here to explore the edges of the universe and make money while discovering secret lost treasures. Like a Space-Buddhist monk, I'll roam the galaxy living out of my frigate as an eve-wondering nomad. I would like you guys to accompany me in this journey.

    See you all in space.


  • @Miyuki-Sayu Welome to Signal Cartel...super happy fun time !

  • Welcome!

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel :)

  • Welcome to SC.

  • @Miyuki-Sayu said in Hi guys, I'm new here :):

    Like a Space-Buddhist monk

    Love it. Welcome! Welcome! You have a lot of reading to do, but ask questions in Alliance chat if there is something you don't understand, and the Eve-Scout rescue cache program is always looking for more scouts.

    In my book, there is no better way or faster to improve your worm hole survival chops than becoming a scout!

  • Welcome! You will find that many of us are already on this journey, charting a "middle way", you might say, between naked aggression and rampant care-bearing.

    May you find the wisdom you seek. Better yet, may we find it together! :-)

  • Welcome @Miyuki-Sayu

    I think I may be here as your opposite.

    I am here to explore the edges of the universe and finding Exotic Dancers and Boosters while discovering all the slimy relic hives of scum and villainy all the while smiling and hugging all I find with Yoiul Rockets.

    I think there is a place for both of us.

    I am the Space Charlie Sheen Monk!

  • @Miyuki-Sayu Welcome to Signal Cartel :-)

  • Welcome to the Scouts & the Cartel @Miyuki-Sayu! I really like your allegory of a space-buddhist monk. Fits well. Truly traveling the "middle way" :)


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