Pictures from Anger Games 2 tournament

  • It was really fun to get to hang out on the Thunderdome tournament server to cover this event. Thanks to everyone involved!

    :camera: :heart:
    Flickr album - Anger Games 2

  • omg... <pant pant pant> such gorgeous Internet Spaceship Pixel Explosions

    A lot has changed since....
    Circa 2008/2009

    alt text

    Apparently this was the old MOA ... ugs!

  • Oh Dear and Fluffy Lord, this particular series of images are quite good. Some of the best images I have seen from you so far.

    I still wanna grow up and be you.

  • @Lucas-Ballard :heart:

    You already take good pictures (composition etc.) which is key. Post-processing is just the icing on the cake.

  • @Razorien
    Thank you. I know it helps that your machine significantly outperforms mine. And your ability to capture the moment is most impressive. That one ship where you caught the actual missiles leaving the launch tubes??? Excellent timing, excellent composition, just excellent!

    You give me something to aspire to, good sir!

  • WOW! So many beautiful images in that album!


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