Representing Eve Scout and Signal Cartel: John Bellicose Memorial

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    SC Cyno lit for nearly 3 hours !

    Broadcast For Reps!

    Sometimes this life business is really hard. The reality is that its ok to feel however you want to feel, but its not ok to feel it alone. If you you need support, our community cares a lot about getting you the help you need.


    History of John Bellicose:

    Published on Jul 27, 2014

    Youtube Video


  • Thanks for sharing @System-Baud! I took a few shots of tonight's events, here's an album.

    Lots of fun and everyone there was super sweet and generous (except the NC bombing runs). Good times!

  • Still at the Vigil


    Lost my imicus, got an Atron and lost that too.

    Edit: Fixed potato quality screenshot.

  • Great Space Photos, and for a great cause... nothing more Signal Cart-ish than Brave Newbies John Bellicose Memorial !

  • @Lingling-Wo I thought there was supposed to be no aggression during this event. Am I misinformed, or is this just EVE? 🙂

  • @Thrice-Hapus Looks like some of the alliances did not get the memo.

  • You are correct.. but in the spirit of Eve Online, which I believe John Bellicose would have endorsed, there will be content whether capsuleers want it or not. There will be those that come for easy cyno locked kills, but that is in the spirit of New Eden.

  • As I was typing the comment above... Someone invited someone to fleet as the "Fleet Boss" and then that person just warped the entire JB Memorial Fleet to a pack of Orthrus' that were in system waiting. <oh the excitement and the subterfuge>... someday I may have to leave my peaceful ways behind me and explore the darker paths of New Eden. Brave Comms are filled with good comm discipline, fun and a slight bit of tears. 🙂 All in a good day in New Eden Boys and Girls, all good and calm now 🙂

  • @System-Baud thanks for posting this. Newer player and member to the corp here and when I found out about the memorial, I knew had to go. I had recently lost a Heron to a bubble before so I was a little nervous, but wanted to learn how to get around gate camps and the only way to do is to try. I was in the Amarr Prime system so it was about 20 jumps for me in K-space, including 8 in null-sec. Anyway, I made it to the memorial after extensive use of DScan and it was awesome! I was invited to join the fleet of about 100 other pilots and it was amazing to see so many ships at once. I took a few screenshots of my Heron flying around, here they are:
    Threw in the corp logo as a water mark 🙂

    It's moments like these why I joined EVE and this corp has been so supportive...looking forward to contributing and helping us grow!


  • @Eekko-Haus Glad I could Inspire/encourage you 🙂 Brave is pretty cool!

  • Last Comm Intercept:

    [21:01:17] System Baud > 7o Brave... I am heading back into J Space. My last Cyno will be lit for John and Broadcast for Reps if I am engaged between here and Keberz. 7o Signal Cartel ❤ 's Brave Newbies - Cheers from NZ and Remember the Wanderers

    [21:01:35] golieman16 > 7o man

    [21:01:35] Thorik Krazen > Take it easy

    [21:01:45] 000000000000000000000000 100000000000 > 7o

    [21:01:46] Bungo Brown > 7o System Baud thanks for coming!

    [21:01:52] Sophie Krumin > \o/

    [21:01:55] Catalia Tanstaafl > 7o

    [21:02:00] Sophie Krumin > System Baud good luck

    [21:02:06] Tovanis > System Baud o7

    [21:02:23] Tovanis > thank you on behalf of Broadcast4Reps

    [21:02:49] Liana Drake > System Baud video is missing

    [21:02:52] Liana Drake > 😞

    [21:03:03] System Baud >

    [21:03:14] System Baud > Wanderers (Carl Sagan)


    [21:10:38] System Baud > Last Cyno left unLit ... gated back to Keberz safely 🙂 7o Brave

    [21:10:48] Nicolai Serkanner > 7o

    [21:10:51] Scalber Kuan > nice 7o

    [21:11:01] Lachlan Arbroath de-Moray > 7o Thanks for comming

    [21:11:17] System Baud > 7o


    In case any one is wondering "7o" is a Brave newbies thing:

    The "Drunk Salute". Accidentally invented in the MMORPG game EvE online by a group known as Brave Newbies when a drunk commander accidentally typed "7o" instead of "o7" (A salute in which the o represents a head and the 7 represents the arm and hand). It eventually stuck, and is now Brave Newbies' signature, and is used to taunt their foes.

    Local Chat: (Brave Newbies Member)- 7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o BRAVE IS RECRUITING!!! BE BRAVE! 7o

  • The Ship used in Question:

    alt text

    [Gnosis, John Bellicose]
    Damage Control II
    Nanofiber Internal Structure II
    Inertial Stabilizers II
    Warp Core Stabilizer II
    Warp Core Stabilizer II
    Warp Core Stabilizer II

    EM Ward Field II
    Large Shield Extender II
    50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
    Medium Capacitor Booster II
    X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster

    Festival Launcher
    Festival Launcher
    Festival Launcher
    Festival Launcher
    Festival Launcher
    Cynosural Field Generator I

    Medium Core Defense Operational Solidifier I
    Medium Core Defense Operational Solidifier I
    Medium Processor Overclocking Unit I

    Vespa EC-600 x5
    Hornet EC-300 x5

    Navy Cap Booster 400 x39
    Yoiul Festival Firework x500
    Liquid Ozone x700



    'Wetu' Mobile Depot 100 m3
    "1420 mHz Signal Cartel Representing Eve Scout for the Bellicose Memorial - Much ❤ to Brave Newbies"

    Blood Raider Cerebral Accelerator 4 Booster 12 4 m3

    Carbon 5 General 0.05 m3

    Exotic Dancers, Female 5 Livestock 5 m3

    Holoreels 10 General 5 m3

    Inertial Stabilizers II 1 Inertial Stabilizer Low 5 m3

    Liquid Ozone 700 Ice Product 280 m3

    Medium Micro Jump Drive 1 Micro Jump Drive Medium 10 m3

    Nanofiber Internal Structure II 1 Nanofiber Internal Structure Low 5 m3

    Navy Cap Booster 400 27 Capacitor Booster Charge Large 324 m3

    Overdrive Injector System II 1 Overdrive Injector System Low 5 m3

    Spirits 10 General 1.50 m3

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