Silent Battleground site screenshots

  • So I finally came across the famed "silent battleground" in a c13, more cans to hack than anywhere else. I'm no Razorien, but there's a few pictures below.




  • I came across a silent battleground today that looked exactly like the one in these pictures. I researched them awhile ago, and found a lot of conflicting information, so I thought i'd mention what I found here since Captain Crinkle already got the photos.

    It was also in a C13, J000630. I wasn't able to get above 96% scan strength until some fellow signaleers told me about pressing the ctrl key to change the shape of the probe formation, with a more spherical shape I was able to get 100% in my buzzard. It showed up as a data site, and was very far off the orbital plane of the system, sort of like a covert site or sleeper cache can be.

    The few personal experiences I read about it seemed quite negative about the effort being worthwhile, and while that may or may not have been the case earlier in the silent battleground's history, I thought the payoff was quite good. I hacked both the relic and data containers about evenly, and while the databanks seemed to only contain low cost datacores and a little carbon, the relic containers almost always contained multiple bpc's. Of all the cans I hacked, only one of them was empty. Maybe around half of the BPC's had a very poor estimated value, with better ones valued between 1 and 7 million isk each. I think one of them was 15 million. The only problem was, all the bpc's were really heavy for some reason, each one could be 10-20 meters cubed each and my Buzzard could only hold about half the site even after leaving the low cost bpc's behind and dumping previous data site loot.

    There was a rescue cache in system that I was able to use to hold the first load, because until then, I had never encountered a site that would have made a mobile depot make sense to drag around with me all the time. However, I had never actually gone to a rescue cache before, so it took me about 20 minutes or more of talking through it with other signaleer's before I finally got to it. As a result, when I got back to the site, I was only able to hack a few more cans before the site exploded, with a timer of what seemed to be exactly one hour. (I kept track) Like covert sites, the timer didn't seem to start until I decloaked, because I was taking pictures and waiting on an astero to leave the system for about twenty minutes before starting it.

    I think I was able to hack slightly over half of the site before it exploded. The BPC's I got were about 59 million estimated value altogether, while the datacores were only about 3 million, so the total value of the site was probably around 110-120 million. If I hadn't of lost so much time getting to our rescue cache, I think I could have gotten the whole site alone if I had brought a mobile depot with me. Since there were so many cans and none of the bpc's seemed unique, this seems quite a lot higher than the total value of 70 million per site that other people's older estimates suggested. Every can was red difficulty though, so it's possible the earlier people's accounts didn't have high level hacking skills and maybe they lost some of the cans. I only failed a single hack, but the cans seem to function like normal cans, so I got it on the second attempt.

  • @Theorb-Darkstar I started to keep a small secure container for loot raids with me. I anchor the can at a bookmark in the system and store loot into it while running more than one site (I'm currently parked in the system which generated 150mill till now). I will unanchor the can if I leave the system to get it removed.

    Can a mobile depot be scanned?

  • @Orsel-Solette they can be found, either with probes or clever DScan work. If attacked, there is a 1(?) day Reinforcement timer, giving you time to plan something. The standard is the easiest to probe, and the 'Yurt' variant is the hardest.

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