Story In the Dangerous WormHole

  • Alright!!! so its happened in random wormhole. I sitting on my ship and scan all the Cosmic Signature on that WormHole. Then I found a Relic site , Which yeah its nice. Also I scanned Another WormHole , I scan it down. Then I warp to the relic site , and I see on my D-Scan there are a Probe Scanners so I was thinkin "Huh , somebody must be in here! I should hack this site really quick!" , 2 cans hacked and yes! he's come to me! "OH DANG! , I WAS RIGHT!" I warp to the sun and quickly warp to the WormHole that I have scanned before ( Just In case if he's following me ). I go there and I see it's WormHole Class 3 (O477) "wow C3! nice!" I go there and scan all the Cosmic Signature and I found a relic site. I warped there and I Hack it. I finished and I go to the "Random Wormhole" and I go back to the Wormhole that leads to High Sec , Then someone invite me to chat and what he says is "You are lucky , look at this kill report" then what I see is surprising me. On that kill report I see the guy who comes to me and try to kill me and i'm asking this guy who invite me to chat "Wow u are there when I was hacking the whole time?" and he said "Yes! , He comes to you ( Just says the guy who come to me is "Firefly" ) then we decided to kill Firefly" . I was like "Damn I'm lucky!" and yeah its my story just a little story. and also sorry for that English I'm not English person so yeah. Thx for reading this. FLY SAFE EVERYONE!! o7

  • Seems like another case of our Reputation helping us out. Great story!

  • @Cloter-Chohan-CC I like your short story, keep posting 👍

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