Travonus - The new guy

  • Hey guys!

    Been told that i should introduce myself. Im Travonus Trapoll and im a TDF Trainer FC for armor incursions in highsec. (Trainer = I train new FC's)(TDF=The Ditanian Fleet)(FC's=Fleet Comanders) I have alts to run incursions while wardec here so its not an issue for me 🙂 - If you want to join the incursion community feel free to drop me a mail.

    I've been playing eve since June 2013 i know my shit. I've been corp ceo before i've even been an alliance leader at 1 stage too, however i did drop that as it became a job... Not good if you fancy having a chilled out time on a game you love :P. Played a role as logi in Razor alliance. I play with bombers bar on alts when i get chance. I can freighter stuff like blockade runs and also have an alt with T1 frieghter. I can also pvp pretty well my killboard is rather good.

    Eve-scout is new play style which has interested me so im here to experience what you guys do and also have a laugh and chill out with you. Maybe learn a thing or too 🙂

    Thanks for reading.]


  • Welcome! Please log in as yourself and reintroduce :-). Sorry about that common new-forum-user trap.

    Sounds like you might have fun with our Sleeper Eradication Division fleet that's flying Sunday. Check it out in the forums.

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