• So I've been here for a month now... 31 days to be exact and quite honestly, I've spent more time on the forums than in-game flying and particularly exploring. I do not regret it one bit. I'm a bit of a data/info freak so I have now compiled a whole hand-written binder worth of stuff. It's a mess, I really aughtta organize that ish... but that's a whole lotta other ADD that I will deal with later. All of this to say, I am grateful for this wonderful community for having me, for satisfying all sorts of ADD tendencies that I have towards MMOs and especially those involving space... since I've always wanted to be an astronaut but settled for being a mechanic instead. Keep sharing what you have to share since I now can't picture a day go by without me spending a couple of hours around here reading up on what's up with what. Here's to many months to come, if you'll have me ofcourse. Cheers.

  • Congrats on your "montheversary" 😆

    On a serious note, if you are not kidding about the ADD, have you seen(or read) Dr. Russel Barkley's stuff on ADD/ADHD?

    If so, can I get your thoughts.

  • @Scarsan-Stripes Well I was never officially diagnosed with it, it's more of a self diagnosis based on my daily behavior lolz. I am actually in the process of reading his works because... reasons I guess. Once I've formulated an opinion, I will gladly share it with you.

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