Hi all

  • Doing my greetings here on the forum now that I have access, and look forward to flying with you all! I'm a returning player that spent a lot of time mining and shipping throughout nullsec, but took ~3yrs away from the game.

    I'm a central TZ player that will play during pacific TZ prime hours, and always looking to get into some fun in null (and I suppose W-space now).

    If any software needs writing, just hit me up. Otherwise you'll find me around relics and playing the markets.

    Have fun and fly safe!

  • weird..... that authored with guest 🤔 do comments show up as me?

  • Yes. And so will uour future posts. Just an oddity of the forums. Happens a lot. Welcome to Signal Cartel!

  • Join our Discord #developers channel. There's usually something cooking in there. Welcome to Signal Cartel!

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel bud 🙂

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