Hi all - Newbie here

  • All help is greatly appreciated, always :)

  • Welcome in corp! Just ask all your question here, in Alliance channel or mumble.

    Fly safe. o7

  • Hello and welcome! :smiley_cat: Have you joined yet? If so, log in and post in our Hello and Farewell forum.

  • Have joined but for some reason when I try to login it doesn't let me back here

  • And from what i can gather, more than a few are confused with the guest / logged in scenario..!

  • You may have a SeAT login issue, your API key authorization may also be a little off. Try going over the steps and see if there is an issue.

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel, Guest ;)

  • Same here.
    I logged on SeaT signin yesterday just fine, and the API key, etc.
    But today go to login and it won't let me in.
    Even do the password reset and it won't take my new password saying it is invalid (click on email link) and the password is the same construct as the one that I signed up with and was accepted, capital letter, 7 letters, 4 numbers.

    So if anyone can make a helpful suggestion, I'd log in and get studying and catch up on the Corporation. :)

  • Have you tried logging in with your char name, not email?

  • Deffinetely try not logging in with the email, that was my brainfart.


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