o/ Signal! New guy on deck

  • Hello!

    I was just accepted into corp (thank you very much!), and I'm going through the onboarding instructions presently. I just wanted to verify something that wasn't completely clear to me -- This corp has a strict NPSI policy, right? Does this also apply to our gate camping and station ganking ops?

    Also, I assume it's alright if I fleet-up occasionally with Code, right?

    Wait! Wait! Don't kick me! I'm joking! Jeeeeeez........... I think Mynxee's thumb had half-depressed the banhammer button.

    Seriously though, thanks for having me, and I look forward to flying with you. I'll take a few days to get set up and oriented/moved, and then I'll be ready to take part in fleets, etc. I'm a fairly experienced capsuleer, and I'm most happy to help out wherever I'm needed.

    Fly safe,

  • Sorry, I didn't realize that I had to re-logon after setting up my account. I'm the guy whom posted that...

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel....we are a fun and interesting bunch....😜

  • Welcome to SC. We do, on occasion, have a fleet or two for various activities, but we are by nature a bunch of solo wanderers.

    I like to think of Alliance chat, the forums, discord etc as truck stops for truckers to shoot the breeze/CB radio to ask for help or talk about anything. But in the end we're on the road by ourselves.

    We do hugs fleets, sleeper eradication and an occasional instruction fleet.

    Have fun and hopefully the lifestyle jives with you!

  • @Phillip-Xodu lol, welcome to the madness... 😀

    • We do have a strict NPSI policy: Not Purple, Serve It.
    • We do camp gates, but mainly to take pictures of the pretty bubbles.
    • We do conduct frequent, unscheduled, ad hoc station ganking ops with our many wardeccers in hisec, but we typically prefer the role of gankee.
    • If a member of Code is stranded in a wormhole and you are effecting a rescue, fleeting up with them is completely acceptable.

    Your crystal-clear understanding of the Credo tells me that you're going to fit in just fine around here. 🙂

  • Welcome to the Signal Cartel family! 😺

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