ROFL COPTR introduction

  • Hi everyone,

    So a short introduction. I am a old player who stopped playing 3 years ago but have returned after I got more free time. I am from Eindhoven and feel like 25 years old =3. I did play eve for 6 months before, but I still have to get used to the game again.

    Nice to meet you all and singing off for today o7.

    Fly safe, ROFL COPTR

  • Welcome back to EVE and welcome to Signal Cartel !

  • o7 welcome home

  • Your skills might be quite good. Read up on Anoikis Division, we can welcome you in the class-4 wormhole maybe?

    And we are from the same country.

  • Welcome welcome bud! :)

  • Welcome to the Signal Cartel family! :smiley_cat:

  • Welcome, fellow initiate! o7

  • Welcome to the Signal Cartel

  • Welcome back. Jump in..... get feet wet.


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