joined EVE SCOUT : Hello from Thera !

  • Hello Guys, me and my pvp character are living in THERA. I am happy to join you, because Thera without Eve scout will be painfull.

    You are doing a great job really and i am happy to participate.

    Moonknight is of course a fully probing exploration toon, and is active everyday.

    He is docked at Paleo station in Thera,

  • Welcome to the Signal Cartel...

  • Welcome! Glad to have you. Hope we can be of help, and looking forward to having you help us out with stuff too. :-)

  • I base out of Thera, too, so I'll look forward to seeing you on the undock.

    Welcome to Signal Cartel!

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel bud! :)


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