I just flew in from Zoohen and my arms are tired (saying hell for first time)

  • Good to be here and thanks for letting me join the corporation. I am just getting started with exploration after being away from EVE for a few years. Enjoying finding relic and data sites. I haven't actually ever been to Null but ill find my way out there soon.

  • ok I thought I was logged in but was not. that was me.

  • Welcome welcome! :)

  • @Tom-Servonaut Wow, I think I said hell for the first time in grade school! You are clearly purer than I — but that went without saying.

    Welcome to Signal Cartel.

    TIL that "boy are my arms tired" gag is of unknown origin. I always thought it was Henny Youngman, but apparently it's maybe older than that. Can't be much older…

    See you around the Zoo!

  • @Po-Huit I don't know. That gag could be really old -- as old as flying animals, anyway. Remember, before machine-powered flight, mankind had a long history of flying on the backs of pterodactyls. I saw this on television, so I know that it is true.

  • welcome to Signal Cartel

  • @Tom-Servonaut Anyone named in honor of such an illustrious figure is certainly most welcome here. One might even say that it was Manos's hands themselves that directed you here.

    Welcome to Signal Cartel! And remember:

    "Gamera is really neat
    He is filled with tur-tle meat
    How we love you, Gamera!"


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