An introduction of sorts

  • Hello! I am new here, as you might have guessed. I think I've figured out how to sign on to the forums, if not let me know. It seems to give me an error every time I try to push "login" at the top. Anyhoo... I joined Eve early last year and was forced into a half year hiatus due to work, but now I am back to stay! Really excited to find this corp, I felt a little too passive in most other corps (not big into pvp) and all I wanted to do was explore this expanse in my astero. I'm always down learn more, and maybe teach some newbros what I've learned the hard way. :)

  • Welcome to SC!

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel :hugging:

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel !

  • It looks like I still cannot fully sign in. Normal for 3 days out?

  • No not normal. Did you change anything about your API key after creating your auth account? If you did, the auth system won't be happy. Your key must conform to our requirements for the duration of your membership in Signal Cartel.

    Also, try logging out and then logging back in again by selecting a character name, NOT your email address. Ask in Alliance for some guidance.

  • What Mynxee said, I've been trying to log in with the email like a dumbass for almost a week. Go for the username instead. Ohh and welcome.

  • Welcome to the Cartel!

  • Stare into the swirling wormhole, yes, you're now getting sleepy..

  • OY8Hnxh.png

  • Hello Spacemom! Unfortunately, still no luck here. API wasn't touched since creation but I created a new one just in case, still no luck. Will check again in the morning in case it needs time. It gives me this error when I try to login per my character name:

    Failed to parse user profile

    Any help would be great. :) Love the corp btw, everyone's so nice and helpful!

  • Paging @Johnny-Splunk !

  • Rey, Johnny is the only one who can help you. Reach out to him on our Discord server.


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