Rekrut Mosaido announces to serv and explore!

  • Hello Ladys and Gents,

    as a new Player i thought i may join a friendly Corp to learn and understand the game better.

    Some things about me though,
    my Char is fearly old, (created in the year 2008) but after i guess 6 months is stopped playing while i was making further education in electronics. (and training some RL-Skills :-)

    so after the time has passed i just stumbled accros this game again, and here i am.
    i registert for this Corp. becouse i heard about you Guys on youtube, while watching WINGSPANN-TT and how he catches some fishes in WH -Space.
    So if you guys need some support from Germany in may appreciate it to Join and Explore and Learn so much more on EVE Online.

    Thx and CYA in Outer Space

  • Welcome back to the game and welcome to SC!

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel! We have some other folks out in Germany, too. :-)

  • Welcome home.

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel....enjoy and have fun !

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