A brief introduction

  • Good evening all,

    just joined up yesterday, and i'm here to explore and drink beer, and i'm all out of beer... gonna have to fix that later... anywho, i've been playing eve off and on for a while now, and just recently learned about signal cartel. the corp's creed speaks strongly to me, and i'm glad to be part of the team. my hobbies include most things IT (feel free to ask me questions), as well as most things edible. my first language is french so sometimes i can't english properly. but that mostly happens over voice comms. i love to learn new things and have been known to jump the gun every now and then, so if i do, let me know!

    once again, thanks for having me, and i hope to learn and be an asset to the team.



  • Welcome to Signal Cartel...home away home.. :hugging:

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel!

  • Welcome! If you want to do IT in Second Job, make sure to check out #developers on our Discord. Plenty of interesting problems to solve and we can definitely always use the help. See you around space!

  • Welcome to SC Harunda, nice to have you with us!

  • @Po-Huit I most definitely will!

  • Hiya and welcome to Signal Cartel !

  • beer run incoming!

  • I second that beer run.

  • @Onomi-Saraki then the motion is carried!


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