Diffs with registering for forum

  • Hey all, just experiencing some diffs registering on the forum.

    I've registered my API ok and it's coming up in the SeAT page just fine. But doesn't seem to have synced with the forums? ie. I'm still coming up here as a 'guest' whenever I post.

    I know there can be a delay in the two syncing or whatever but it's been more than a few hours now.

    Is it just a matter of waiting? Or am I doing something wrong?

    Cheers 🙂

  • Just checking again...

  • Ah! There I am.

    Trouble sorted, then 🙂

  • It's a matter of every single new member having this problem when first trying to say hello. I had it back when I joined SC too.

    @Mynxee, @Johnny-Splunk can someone figure out a way to ensure that folks can reliably make their first Forum post as themselves instead of Guest? Maybe it's a documentation change; maybe it's a technical change. I'd be happy to help if there's some way I can be useful…

  • @Po-Huit If you know who to talk to at CCP and convince them to speed up the updates of their API cached data then hey, maybe. That is what is at the root of the problem and why the welcome letter specifically says it could take up to a day to resolve. But I am going to clarify that message by directing people to not attempt to create their auth acct and access the forums until they've been in the corp for 24 hrs.

  • @Mynxee would you like me to pin a post to our Public section for this?

  • @Triffton-Ambraelle That's a good idea. I'll be updating the Welcome Letter this evening. Thanks.

  • In my case, it seemed to resolve itself once I clicked on the pinned DII thread from Mynxee's welcome e-mail ingame. Once I was redirected there, the whole problem seemed to right itself.

    Before that, the API seemed to be communicating with the forum to some degree - my avatar was showing on the control bar at the top of the menu, for example - but when I tried to post, it still came up as guest.

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