Policy Update: New Members and Forum Registration

  • o7 everyone!

    To help avoid several common issues with the registration process, Administration asks that players do not try to create or log into an account for these forums for 24 hours after joining or re-joining Signal Cartel. This applies to both new and returning members. As @Mynxee explains:

    The reason for the problems are related to time it takes for CCP to update their cache and it to sync with our auth system. Waiting to register means that as soon as you create your auth account, you should be fully recognized as a Signal Cartel member. That recognition is what gives you full access to our forums...it's all API based.

    Don't ask me why all this happens as it does...it's under the hood voodoo as far as I'm concerned.

    Meanwhile, anyone in corp is free to share screen captures of our DII posts to answer questions of new members that relate to policy or programs.

    We realize there is a lot of important and useful information in the DII, but please be patient. You can always ask questions in Alliance chat; your corpmates will gladly help you out. And as Mynxee mentions, if necessary, screen shots can be shared.

    If you continue to have issues getting access to the forums after the 24 hours, please review posts on the topic in our Public Lobby forum area. If your issue is not addressed already, make a post in the public section describing your issue and tag @Johnny-Splunk

    Thank you

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