Hi, help plz

  • Hello friends, I have a huge thread, I lost the entrance to the home vohomhol system, the J105705 C6 system for the help of the reward guarantee. In eve online I have a nickname: DarkOrbitMen

  • Hello there DarkOrbitMen,

    You don't appear to be a member of Signal Cartel, so this may not be the best place for you to ask for a rescue. If you are in game, go to the Eve-Scout public channel. They will help you and notify all of our rescue pilots.

    Good luck o7

  • Hello THX

  • Just so you know, we do not assist others in finding their way back into wormholes. There are too many potential conflicts with our Credo of neutral peacefulness. Therefore, we only assist stranded pilots in getting out of holes they are stuck in without probes/launcher so they can avoid self-destructing their ships/pods.

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