New to the crew

  • Hey ya'll,

    Just joined up a couple of days ago, got my forum access sorted now. You may have seen me asking just way too many questions in Alliance chat...

    Long time eve player (all the way back to 2003) but new to exploring and have a blast so far :)
    In Eve, I've done most things from nul-sec alliance back in the early fountain alliance, piracy, pos stuff and mining. Excited to try something new.

    Personally I'm from Canada, in my 30s, married with a couple of kids, so my play times are usually limited to later evenings and shorter sessions, but at least they're regular.

    Hope to meet lots of you soon, and thanks so much for the warm welcome already and the answers to questions.



  • Somehow managed to post this without being logged in... :confounded:

    Anywho... still me.

  • LqSBJfV.png


  • Hello and welcome, fellow Signaleer!

  • Welcome to Signal Cartel, nice to have you with us !!! :smile:

  • Hey Porter! Welcome to the family :blush:


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