Into the Nexus

  • Got the opportunity to explore a drifter hive nexus the other day and took a few pictures. I really wanted to feature an exploration ship but with no scout my yolo attempts promptly deleted said ship. :smile:

    Into the Nexus - Flickr album

    :camera: :heart:

  • @Razorien damn, that is cool!

  • I remember when those pickup sticks first appeared and everyone was OMG WHAT ARE THEY! And they changed a little bit over time.

  • Incredible! And I don't bandy that word about lightly.

    I have GOT to get me some of those upgraded camera drones!!!

  • SHINY! I want to go there too

  • @Razorien the colors are amazing Razorien!

  • Your work is always inspiring while at the same time intimidating! :smiley_cat:


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