Explore New Eden with our FREE Expedition TripTiks!

  • Signal Cartel's 1420.Expeditionary Division is developing a library of free Expedition TripTiks for use by all capsuleers. The idea for our Expedition TripTiks was inspired by similar trip planning services offered by real life companies.

    What Exactly are Expedition TripTiks?

    TripTiks are concise, often thematic, self-paced expedition plans developed by our own Expedition Researchers. Each expedition generally offers 3-10 waypoints; some may be broken out into a series due to the amount of descriptive content for a given waypoint. Waypoints may be related by theme, location, lore, history, or some other way (or not at all). Expedition highlights list points of interest, navigation hints, brief descriptive information, and often links to more in-depth details. Travel tips and other information is also provided as appropriate to each expedition.

    How Do I Use Them?

    It's simple: choose an expedition that sounds like fun, fit up your ship, maybe gather some friends, and chart a route using the waypoints in the selected TripTik. Since many TripTiks are short, you could combine multiple expeditions into a longer adventure.

    Why Are They Free?

    Signal Cartel, just like our sister corporation EvE-Scout, is a service-oriented corporation. Expedition TripTiks are just one more service we provide to the community because it is fun to do and also because it's a neat way for our explorers to collect their favorite New Eden locations, lore, and history into a format that can be enjoyed by others in space. We hope that our TripTiks will inspire more pilots to explore the many and varied points of interest across the Cluster and lead to greater appreciation for the vastness and complexity of our universe and those who populate it. If you really enjoy the work that a particular Researcher has put into an Expedition TripTik, tell them thanks by tossing an ISK donation their way.

    I'm Not in Signal Cartel; Can I Submit an Expedition?

    Our TripTik program is for Signal Cartel members. Your can, however, collaborate with a Signal Cartel member on a TripTik (and get credited in it when published).

    Got expedition suggestions? Evemail them to me and I will pass them on to our researchers.

    Other Questions?

    Contact Mynxee or join us in the EvE-Scout channel.

    TripTik ID Expedition Name Researcher Comment
    001 The Elder War Tour Cassandra Habalu Reminders from the YC110 conflict
    002a Ancient Races of New Eden Justine Volontaire Summary expedition for Ancient Races series
    002b Ancient Races: Sleepers Justine Volontaire Focused expedition in a series
    002c Ancient Races: Takmahl Justine Volontaire Focused expedition in a series
    002d Ancient Races: Talocan Justine Volontaire Focused expedition in a series
    002e Ancient Races: Yan Jung Justine Volontaire Focused expedition in a series
    003 EVE Gate Expedition Lof Mayaki A popular pilgrimage for capsuleers
    004 The Ancestral Homeworlds Cassandra Habalu Which is your character's ancestral homeworld?
    005 Fragments of Lore I Cassandra Habalu A selection of unconnected locations mentioned in the Chronicles
    006 Choonka's Ship Wash Tamayo A fun site for all to visit
    007 Shattered Worlds Theana Gaterau Locations directly impacted by the Seyllin Incident
    008 Scholar's Voyage Theana Gaterau Research-related sites in New Eden

  • Very nice !!

  • I can't wait to try these out and show my support!!

  • Forgot to login 😉

  • I would very much like to look at those expeditions but the google drive links require me to log in - as I don't have a google account for gaming purposes I can't access the files 😭

  • @Rahh4711-Oksaras I am going to move them over here to the Public Lobby at some point...it's just a matter of too many things overfilling the time I budget for EVE stuff each day. But thanks for the poke about that issue. It puts their migration higher on the priority list for me.

  • Somebody in the corp sent me four million ISK last week 'cos he/she liked my #4 which was the Ancestral Homeworlds Tour (sorry can't remember who it was off the top of my head, but huge thanks!).

    So anyone thinking of doing one, get on it! We need more!

    PS Boss can I have my medal for getting 10 points pls?

  • @Cassandra-Habalu Yes...designing those medals and awarding you yours is on my to-do list. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Here are a few shots I took while traveling across New Eden, following TripTik Expedition 004 "The Ancestral Homeworlds".

    Lots of beautiful planets, amazing nebulae, and a few bubbles!

    I hope it may inspire other capsuleers to take on this journey 🙂

    PS: Sorry, the quality of the screenshots isn't as great as it should be since I'm running the game on Linux with a mediocre laptop. You'll really have to go see for yourself to enjoy the true beauty of the universe!

  • @Illis-Wilgig Very nice pics !!

  • I submitted a 'fun' TripTik. I hope I did it correctly.

  • @Tamayo Exactly right and it's added to the list! Thanks!

  • The list of expeditions has been updated with two submissions from @Theana-Gaterau ... enjoy!

  • oh - these look fun

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